Best of Boston

BEST Breakfast

1983 BEST Breakfast

The Café Plaza


Gorgeous room, and—unlike the equally prestigious Ritz—only twice as expensive as other places. read more»

1983 BEST Breakfast, Cheap

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe


Still not gentrified. Still great. read more»

1982 BEST Breakfast, Cheap

Brookline Lunch


Excellent eggs. Despite the name, the best food is served in the morning. read more»

1982 BEST Breakfast, Political



Best for the henchmen, that is. The bosses can be found at the Copley or the Ritz. read more»

1981 BEST Breakfast, Cheap

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe


The kind of place that sooner or later will be gentrified into eggs Benedict cum ferns. Until it is, . . . read more»

1980 BEST Breakfast

The Ritz Café


Not that the food is exceptional; it is just that the city is managed over morning here. read more»

1979 BEST Breakfast

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe


Muffins and homemade rolls cool aromatically in the window while the Manjourides family flops eggs and pancakes in individual pans on the stove top. This half-century-old Boston institution retains many of the original fixtures, including a wooden refrigerator, and a… read more»

1978 BEST Breakfast

Cafe Plaza, Copley Plaza Hotel


Pink tablecloths, flowers, fresh-squeezed orange juice, berries and melon out of season, homemade muffins, and exquisite Danish pastries make this the most civilized breakfast spot anywhere. read more»

1974 BEST Breakfast

New York Diner


The most complete meal is at the New York Diner in Watertown. Local gourmets might, however, prefer strawberries at the Ritz to start their day. read more»