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BEST Children's Clothing

2007 BEST Children's Clothing, North



Suiting up kids in eco-friendly, smart-looking fashions is a cinch at Pure. Nearly all its clothes—Claesen’s onesies, Zutano tops and pants, Katybird dresses—are made from organic cotton and other natural fibers. Both playtime and dress-up options are well represented here,… read more»

2007 BEST Children's Clothing, South

Olivia Rose Children’s Boutique


Scientists theorize that cute babies have had an evolutional leg up, as our Stone Age ancestors were less likely to abandon them. Modern-day parents are obviously far more civilized—but all the same, one could argue that Olivia Rose owner Gloria… read more»

2007 BEST Children's Clothing



The clothes found at this Beacon Hill retailer are a neatly balanced mix of sweet (Imps and Elfs overalls and Izod button-ups), cool (Chip and Pepper jeans, distressed Kingsley skeleton sweatshirts, embroidered Da-Nang pants), and innocent (Judith Lacroix dresses, Simple… read more»

2005 BEST Children's Clothing, South

Olivia Rose Children’s Boutique


There are kids so adorable they make clothes look cute, and then there are clothes so cute they make kids look adorable. This shop has plenty of the latter, with Baby Lulu tangerine plaid capris, New Potatoes red wagon—covered jumpers,… read more»

2005 BEST Children's Clothing, West

Kussin’s: The Children’s Shop


Kids need clothes for myriad occasions, from mud-puddle play dates to indoor, seen-but-not-heard affairs. Kussin’s sells outfits for them all. With rugged Timberland jeans, Joan Calabrese tulle confections, Lilly Pulitzer sundresses, junior flight jackets, and seersucker suits, Kussin’s actually makes… read more»

2005 BEST Children's Clothing, Cape Cod

The Children’s Shop


As at most coastline kids’ stores, preppy paraphernalia is the mainstay at this sweet clothing emporium. Pink and green pants fill the racks, along with embroidered overalls, bright beachwear, and hair clips in the shape of ducks or fish. Also… read more»

2005 BEST Children's Clothing

Pixie Stix


These days, kids’ fashion sense is outpacking their growth spurts. So when Pixie Stix opened this year, it gave budding shopaholics and tagalong moms something to cheer about. The chic boutique carries a mix of Petit Bateau tees, trendy Tractor… read more»

2005 BEST Children's Clothing, Nantucket



We might roll our eyes at precious, overpriced kids’ clothes, but it’s near impossible to resist the teeny, hand-knit pale pink sweaters and soft cotton bonnets and caps at Pinwheels. Miniature outfits for boys and girls—including many pieces with embroidered… read more»

2005 BEST Children's Clothing, North

The Pumpkin Patch


Froggy rain boots, grass luau outfits, and pink flowery sundresses are staples at this beloved Newburyport boutique. Also procurable are newborn and toddler basics, stylish school clothes, and smart little bow ties by designers including Hartstrings, K.C. Parker, Letop, and… read more»

2004 BEST Children's Clothing, North

Lester Harry’s


Admit it: Even the inevitable grass, food, and spit-up stains won’t discourage you from dressing your tot to the nines. And who can blame you? A trip to Lester Harry’s could persuade every parent that the little pumpkin should be… read more»