Best of Boston

BEST Chinese Restaurant

1985 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Sally Ling’s


While the Boston Waterfront location is fancier, the Newton outpost of Ling’s gives better overall value. read more»

1984 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Chef Chang’s House


Where else can you get Peking duck without calling ahead? read more»

1983 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Moon Villa


Regardless of the Globe Spotlight Team’s investigation into after-hours clubs and unlicensed premises serving alcohol, Moon Villa is a superlative restaurant. The waiters aren’t surly anymore, either. But know that when you order “cold tea” you may not get a… read more»

1982 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Mary Chung


In recent years, Cambridge has become a cornucopia of good Chinese cooking. And Mary Chung, a newcomer, is the best. read more»

1981 BEST Chinese Restaurant, Chinatown

China Pavillion


This one kind of snuck up on us. Excellent menu top to bottom (unusual for Chinatown), with outstanding dim sum and clams in black-bean sauce. read more»

1981 BEST Chinese Restaurant, Outside Chinatown

Peking on Fresh Pond


A big, overdecorated room that kind of looks like a United Auto Workers hall gone oriental. The seafood’s excellent here, and the menu long and eclectic. read more»

1980 BEST Chinese Restaurant, Chinatown

Carl’s Pagoda


It’s nice to see what happens when an owner—in this case Carl Seeto—makes an extra effort to handpick his raw materials. read more»

1980 BEST Chinese Restaurant, Outside Chinatown

Hsing Hsing


The cuisine sings, sings. A small intimate kitchen adept at Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine. read more»

1980 BEST Chinese Restaurant, Fern Bar

Yangtze River


Who would go to a Chinese restaurant decorated with ferns and butcher’s block? What about Bogart’s? Oh. read more»

1975 BEST Chinese Restaurant, Peking Style

Peking on Mystic


If Chairman Mao came to town, this is where he would eat. Peking on Fresh Pond, 307 Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge, is also excellent. read more»