Best of Boston

BEST Chocolate

1993 BEST Chocolate, Tortoises

Bari & Gail Chocolatier

Newton Upper Falls

You know chocolate turtles. Now imagine something three times bigger made with either milk or dark chocolate, cashews or almonds, and buttery caramel. That’s a Bari & Gail tortoise. read more »

1993 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

Winand Chocolate Company


Totally, completely awesome. read more »

1992 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

Winand Chocolate Company


Wonderfully rich and silky. Totally decadent. read more »

1992 BEST Chocolate, Politically Correct

Toucan Chocolates


Recycled paper, vegetable-based ink, nuts from the rain forest in Brazil. PC never tasted so good. read more »

1991 BEST Chocolate

The Chocolate Truffle


With truffles like these, we constantly wonder, Perhaps being a chocoholic isn’t so bad after all. Woburn never tasted so sweet. read more »

1991 BEST Chocolate, New

Lake Champlain Chocolate Company


The ice cream’s good, the truffles are great, and the Five Star chocolate bars are outrageous. read more »

1990 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

The Chocolate Truffle


Truffles like this should make you think, Hey, I could be a chocoholic. read more »

1989 BEST Chocolate

The Chocolate Box


If this perfect pearl of a shop had been around 200 years ago, Marie Antoinette would have said, “Let them eat chocolate-dipped macaroons.” Then again, anything from the Chocolate Box would have suited Marie. read more »

1987 BEST Chocolate

The Chocolate Box


Their chocolates taste like real Belgian chocolates. read more »

1984 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

Doreen’s Pastries at Panache


read more »