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BEST Facial

2012 BEST Facial



Skoah’s slogan is “personal training for your skin,” and yes, a facial here is honestly one of our favorite workouts. All that deep cleansing and extracting while we kick back in a peaceful, light-filled setting. We now go for regular… read more»

2011 BEST Facial



Having endured all kinds of spa mumbo-jumbo and dubious beauty-boosting therapies (“And the final step is a blast of air from our oxygen machine….”), we began to wonder: Since when did facials become more about the experience than the result?… read more»

2010 BEST Facial

Brad Duncan Skin Care


From the outside, it’s easy to mistake Brad Duncan Skin Care for a physical therapist’s office. But once you ring the bell and descend the stairs, you’ll find yourself in Zenlike subterranean digs. Duncan’s skin-care mecca focuses on anti-aging corrective… read more»

2009 BEST Facial

Anne-Cecile Curot


Our poor pores are no strangers to painful excavations, or to being smothered in flowery-smelling goo. That’s why they haven’t quit thanking us since we introduced them to Anne-Cécile Curot, spa director at Marc Harris’s new Financial District location. A… read more»

2008 BEST Facial

Brad Duncan


This California import’s gentle voice and gentler touch have an almost soporific effect on clients, who come for a freshening-up but leave with full-on rejuvenation. By appointment only. read more»

2007 BEST Facial

Caroline Frost


New England weather can be brutal on the skin, stripping away good oils and parching a delicate puss. Skin-care mistress Caroline Frost rejuvenates tired skin with a gentle exfoliant and helps fend off wrinkles with a moisturizing head, neck, and… read more»

2006 BEST Facial

Grace Kinahan, Splash at Sports Club/LA


In Grace Kinahan’s hands, pore cleansing and zit zapping are somehow rendered relaxing. It might have something to do with her plush, blanketed bed and brief initial skin consultation, followed by an hour-long steam, mask, and Jurlique hydration therapy. Clients… read more»

2005 BEST Facial

Violet Skin Boutique


A blend of Eastern European sternness and a baby-soft touch makes Violet Mkhitaryan’s all-natural facials the most welcome punishment your skin will ever endure. A biochemist turned aesthetician, Mkhitaryan mixes, then applies, a masque of organic herbs, oils, and floral… read more»

2004 BEST Facial

Lavinia Borcau


No pore goes uncleared, no blemish unbanished, no wrinkle uneased in the capable (nay, magic) hands of Lavinia Borcau. Her serene European skin-care salon is a temple to all things epidermal, and her meticulous facials have become the stuff of… read more»

2003 BEST Facial

Katerina Kolokotronis, Grettacole


Just about any facial you receive at Grettacole will be head and shoulders above the rest in town. But those at the hands of Katerina Kolokotronis are nothing short of miraculous. The sweet and down-to-earth Kolokotronis swiftly determines the needs… read more»