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BEST Food Truck

2016 BEST Food Truck


Call it meal-on-a-bun fatigue: Occasionally we grow weary of gyros, grilled cheeses, and Maggi-splattered bánh mì—no matter how good they are. Hence our obsession with this truck’s Iraqi and Middle Eastern street food, which features feta-stuffed phyllo, fattoush salads stippled… read more»

2015 BEST Food Truck

The Bacon Truck

At the Bacon Truck, crisp planks of applewood-smoked bacon from the local Blackstone St. Smokehouse find their way into nearly everything on the sandwich-heavy menu: in the potato-laced bacon hash on the “Hangover”; atop thick slices of “truck-roasted” turkey; even… read more»

2014 BEST Food Truck


This sneakily vegetarian chainlet may have brick-and-mortar locations everywhere from Brookline Village to Burlington, but it got its start as one of the first important food trucks in the Boston area. And Clover’s fleet of six restaurants on wheels is… read more»

2012 BEST Food Truck

Mei Mei Food Truck

Since opening this past spring, the Mei Mei food truck has won us over with its clever Asian fare (smoked-tofu dumplings, pork-crackling-stuffed steamed buns, and a summer noodle salad, pictured above) and locavore sensibilities. Plus, a portion of the proceeds… read more»