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BEST Furniture

2008 BEST Furniture, Vintage

Machine Age


If tripping over midcentury treasures is your idea of a good time, then you’ll party like it’s 1959 in this 9,000-square-foot showroom where Charles and Ray Eames are alive and well. Encompassing hundreds of pieces from the 1930s through the… read more »

2007 BEST Furniture, Children's

Bambini Design


Just because you’re bringing home a bambino doesn’t mean you have to turn the place into a romper room. This modern furniture store offers colorful French and Italian items that can make a nursery seem as hip as a South… read more »

2007 BEST Furniture, Eclectic



You might say Hudson has New England roots and California tips. That’s the product of the decor vision of owner-designer Jill Goldberg, whose store is an ecumenical palette of vintage, modern, romantic, and tribal. There are soft, sweet sofas by… read more »

2007 BEST Furniture, Modern



Chris Bates and Liz Cingari, the duo behind Montage, recently executed a flawless makeover of their bright, sleek Arlington Street showroom, and with it, unveiled a brand-new roster of European and American designers, including up-and-coming lines exclusive to Montage. Only… read more »

2007 BEST Furniture, Traditional

Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers


Your rich aunt left her classic dining room set to your bratty sister? Who cares?! You can build your own inheritance-worthy collection at Thos. Moser, the Maine-based furnituremaker where all the pieces are handcrafted from solid hardwood, the way they… read more »

2007 BEST Furniture, Custom



Four generations into making furniture, the Shapiro family discovered they could not only craft a gorgeous sofa, loveseat, chair, or bed to match a customer’s specific vision, but also make it totally nontoxic. The company they founded on that principle,… read more »

2006 BEST Furniture, Antique

Gallagher-Christopher Antiques


Even minimalists find joy in this boutique that flouts the typical dusty, cluttered antique shop. Gallagher-Christopher’s selection includes 19th-century English dressers, early-20th-century lighting, and art deco chairs, along with the store’s own new Hermes-esque orange lacquer boxes that, if not… read more »

2006 BEST Furniture, Custom

Frank Roop


If, like us, you’ve made the rounds of showrooms and emerged empty-handed, stop next at Frank Roop. The interior designer creates pieces with your tastes and dimensions in mind. His French-inspired lounges, beds, and side tables have a vintage feel… read more »

2006 BEST Furniture, Modern



Its old space was awe-inspiring enough, but its renovated 10,500-square-foot showroom leaves us speechless. Montage now features an overhauled collection that includes contemporary European lines like B&B Italia, MatteoGrassi, and Poltrona Frau. It’s always pushed the home-design envelope, but this… read more »

2006 BEST Furniture, Traditional

Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers


No, it’s not flashy. And yes, the lines are reminiscent of a bygone era. But don’t confuse traditional with passé. Thos. Moser’s handmade black cherry furniture, with its customized accents and craftsmanship, never looks dated. Plus, all the store’s wares… read more »