Best of Boston

BEST Furniture

1997 BEST Furniture, Restoration

Burma Design Antique Restoration


You finally got up the nerve to invite your boss over for dinner, and while she may be a whizbang at corporate finance, she doesn’t seem to know what a cocktail napkin is for. When you discover a large water… read more »

1996 BEST Furniture, Artist

Judy Kensley Mckie


Fabulous furniture animated by elegant animal carved in wood and cast in bronze. read more »

1991 BEST Furniture



Enjoy the selection—from the classical quality of Baker to the stark modernism of Jay Spectre; and the style—the four separate showrooms show off the talents of the store’s designers. read more »

1990 BEST Furniture



Now, that’s Italian! read more »

1987 BEST Furniture, Trendy


Boston and Chestnut Hill

The details are great even if the overall effect is too much. read more »

1985 BEST Furniture



Home chic from the traditional to the avant-garde, including a notable selection of streamlined European pieces. read more »

1984 BEST Furniture



Finally, a store that is innovative and distinctive without being intimidating. read more »

1983 BEST Furniture

Allen Furniture


Broad range, excellent value for money. Looks almost as good as owner/model Andrew Petkun. read more »

1982 BEST Furniture, Meals

Marion Ruth


A showcase of contemporary dinnerware and kitchen accessories handpicked by owner Jerry Kalman. read more »

1982 BEST Furniture, Rooms

Decorators’ Clearing House, Mall at Echo Bridge

Newton Upper Falls

Marilyn Stahl offers designer furnishings at the kind of discounts interior decorators usually get. read more »