Best of Boston

BEST Hardware

1996 BEST Hardware, Helpful

Model Hardware


An inventory to match the superstores, backed by a helpful and friendly staff. Owner Bob Weber is on hand five days a week to show you the difference between a wing nut and a butterfly valve. read more »

1990 BEST Hardware

Somerville Lumber


Everything from power tools to drain cleaners—and a staff that can tell you how to use them. read more »

1988 BEST Hardware

Nonantum Hardware


Brand-new, spiffy, and huge. A supermarket for the do-it-yourselfer. read more »

1987 BEST Hardware

Mass Hardware


With a parking lot, three floors of stuff, and a staff that knows the name for the thingamajig you need. read more »

1977 BEST Hardware



Founded in 1842, and the oldest hardware store in the city, Wilkinson’s has two floors full of necessary objects, mysterious and mundane. read more »