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BEST Pedicure

2005 BEST Pedicure

Victoria Turovsky, Blü Salon


We’re not kind to our feet. We shove them into toe-squishing shoes, pound them on rough pavement, and expose them to God knows what in the locker- room shower. Not to worry: Victoria Turovsky smoothes over all these small cruelties…. read more»

2004 BEST Pedicure

Claudia Grimaud, Jardin Day Spa


Few pedicures truly exfoliate tired, rough feet; even fewer actually redeem them. The capable hands of Claudia Grimaud can do both. The kindly, experienced Brazilian has earned a justifiably devoted following since opening her sunny spa last year. The reason… read more»

2003 BEST Pedicure

Claudia Grimaud, Jardin Day Spa


There are pedicures, and then there are pedicures. One changes the color of your toenails; the other actually changes the way your feet feel on your body. It’s the second kind that Claudia Grimaud has down to an art form…. read more»

2002 BEST Pedicure, South

Bruce Fisher Hair & Color Group


Trend-conscious salons are often impossible to relax in. But Bruce Fisher manages to produce an energy that’s at once hip and mellow—all the better for sitting back and indulging in a world-class foot treatment. A sumptuous soak, thorough clipping, filing,… read more»

2002 BEST Pedicure

Daryl Christopher


From the second your big toe hits the steamy peppermint, rosemary, and lavender foot bath to the final drop of clear topcoat, Daryl Christopher’s signature pedicure is pure nirvana. The exfoliating scrubdown, filing, and alpha hydroxy acids (no medicinal scents… read more»

2001 BEST Pedicure

Giuliano Day Spa


It’s too bad this full-service salon doesn’t include a hotel, because after a 50-minute pedicure, the last thing you’ll want to do is pull on a pair of heels and go home. Feet are pampered, soaked, massaged, buffed, and polished,… read more»

2000 BEST Pedicure, City

Bella, Equinox


Bella has an all-business attitude when it comes to cleaning up your feet, to be sure. Who else in town will spend a full 45 minutes filing, buffing, and pampering to ensure the outcome of 10 utterly perfect-looking toes? Bonus:… read more»

2000 BEST Pedicure, Suburban


Chestnut Hill

No foot is too foul for Lisa, Gretchen, and Valerie, the pedicurists at Grettacole. In their expert hands, your calluses disappear and your toenails are topped with the latest fashionable hue. In additional to the classic pedicure, the salon also… read more»

1999 BEST Pedicure

Victoria Turovsky, City Salon


Victoria will take feet that haven’t seen a good file in a year and make them clean, soft, and sandal-ready. In her cozy room in the back of the salon, she soaks feet in scented bubbling water, eliminates nasty corns,… read more»

1998 BEST Pedicure

Candela Laserspa


The decor is a little confusing— hints of Zen interspersed with furnishings from the Starship Enterprise— but no complaints here. The high-tech pedicure chairs with built-in massager (you control the intensity) are the ne plus ultra in foot relief. The… read more»