Best of Boston

BEST Pizza

1993 BEST Pizza, New



Todd English scores again! The white clam pie is just one of the great master-pizzas. Not even Pepe’s in New Haven could touch this version. read more »

1993 BEST Pizza, Suburban

Caruso’s Pizzeria & Ristorante


Mike Caruso calls his popular pie the Zazza. It’s a funny name for a pizza, but try one. You’ll be saying Zazza all the time. read more »

1992 BEST Pizza, Suburban

Sweet Peppers


A superthin chewy crust that crunches even at the top of the wedge, and inspired flavor combinations, such as roasted eggplant and sundried tomato—now that’s pizza! read more »

1990 BEST Pizza



The crust is feathery light; the toppings range from earthy white beans and spicy sausage to scallops and calamari. This is not just pizza. read more »

1989 BEST Pizza

Michela’s Caffè


A thin-thin, light and crunchy crust, a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of cheeses, and a scattering of perhaps pancetta, spinach, or artichoke. This is not just pizza. read more »

1988 BEST Pizza


Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, and, soon, Boston

So what if it’s a chain? read more »

1986 BEST Pizza, Designer

Bertucci’s Pizza

Chic yet unpretentious, this popular family haunt has all the right ingredients: excellent food, reasonable prices, and boccie to boot. read more »

1986 BEST Pizza

DePasquale Brothers

Pizza is a serious business. Just ask Phil DePasquale, 70, who’s been a professional pizza maker since he was 11. The same Phil DePasquale who’s owned DePasquale Brothers Pizza, on Main Street in Medford, since 1939. The same Phil DePasquale… read more »

1985 BEST Pizza, North End

Pizzeria Regina


Regina’s gotten a bad rap because the chain outlets haven’t matched the original. Trust us: the original’s still terrific. read more »

1985 BEST Pizza, Outside the North End



Bright, roomy dining area; great variety of pizzas. And a boccie court to boot. read more »