Best of Boston

2013 BEST Cheese Shop

Formaggio Kitchen

Formaggio features a carefully considered yet seemingly endless array of marbled blues, sharp cheddars, and runny Robiolas, some of it kept in underground “caves” built to duplicate the conditions of the natural European caverns where cheeses are traditionally aged. You’ll find a great selection of other high-end groceries, too, but just try walking out the door without an expertly wrapped wedge of fromage in your bag—it simply can’t be done.

244 Huron Ave. Cambridge 617-354-4750

User Guidelines
  • Frederick Wright

    Absolutely, hands-down, one of my favorite shops in the Boston/Cambridge area. Not only is the selection stellar, the service is superb – these people are passionate about their craft and so eager to share their secret knowledge with customers. It can be a little intimidating the first time – but just keep asking questions and gradually you get accustomed. I just wish it were reachable by public transportation since we’re reluctant to drive.