Best of Boston

2013 BEST Music Venue, Small

The Sinclair

Superstar chef Michael Schlow may have brought initial buzz to this new restaurant/music club, but now its lineup of stellar performers—postpunk legends such as the Feelies and Wire, Gen-X faves such as DJ Shadow, and Pitchfork-approved titans like Fucked Up and Rogue Wave—makes the food almost an afterthought. For the first time in a long time, Harvard Square feels like the place to be.

52 Church St. Cambridge 617-547-5200

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  • tinnitus_photo

    Definitely the best new club opening that I can think of around here. sound and sight lines are perfect, and the bookings are varied and uniformly excellent.

    • jake481

      Hey Tinnitus! Funny running into you here.

      Any idea why Flipper and Danny are such assholes to you?