Best of Boston

2013 BEST Ice Cream


Owner Gus Rancatore is a bona fide gourmet, a guy with a penchant for combining unusual flavors and unique textures. As a result, his inventive ice creams—in flavors like goat cheese-brownie, bourbon flake, and even pancake—push the boundaries of the palate while remaining undeniably delicious. Our favorite way to enjoy his scoops? Nestled in an Iggy’s brioche bun and drizzled with hot fudge—it’s the ice cream sandwich, Gus-style.

899 Main St. Cambridge 617-491-5877

User Guidelines
  • StevenHB

    I’ve been a Tosci’s fan since 1983 when I moved into the fraternity house across the street. Congratulations, again, Gus!

  • Rachel Sesser

    Ever since it opened Toscanini’s has had my vote as THE BEST hands down.