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BEST Sushi

2013 BEST Sushi, High-Brow
Photo by Jesse Burke

Cafe Sushi


This haven for transcendent sushi is nestled in a strip-mall-style building on Mass. Ave. We’re most fond of the creatively dressed, impeccably fresh nigiri, ordered á la carte. read more »

2013 BEST Sushi, Low-Brow
Photo by Jesse Burke

Avana Sushi


It was while dining at a rickety card table at this tiny Chinatown spot that we learned to cast aside our fear of cheap sushi. Pro tip: Ask the chef what’s freshest, and he’ll guide you through the menu. read more »

2012 BEST Sushi



With a sultry, gilded interior and a menu filled with lavish ingredients—shaved truffle, caviar, foie gras—Oishii is certainly VIP-worthy. But oddly enough, it’s the simplest dishes we return again and again for: slices of fresh hamachi that arrive to the… read more »

2011 BEST Sushi
Photograph by Anthony Tieuli



After a few years of flirtation with more-is-more sashimi decadence, we’ve come back around to sushi that’s simple, delicate, and pure. No gold-flaked lacquer, please. And hold the foie gras sauce, while you’re at it. We prefer to actually taste… read more »

2010 BEST Sushi, Upscale

O Ya


Yes, $21 for two or three pieces of sashimi is pricey. But less is far more at O Ya, where chef Tim Cushman’s top-tier ingredients and meticulous layering of flavors add up to the best mouthfuls in New England. Perfect… read more »

2010 BEST Sushi, Affordable



Surveying the city’s sushi bars, there’s a big distinction between ‘not expensive’ and ‘cheap.’ Douzo is a delight, with ultra-fresh fish and prices that stay weeknight low. The daily catch is rolled up in everything from spicy tuna maki for… read more »

2009 BEST Sushi, Affordable



Like laser eye surgery and brake repairs, raw fish is something we’re loath to cheap out on. Rather than risk gastric distress—or merely off-tasting nigiri—we get our budget-sushi fix at the Back Bay’s Douzo, where the ambiance is polished and… read more »

2009 BEST Sushi



O Ya may have the most incomparable raw-fish dinner in town, but the reality of its special-occasion status is that we tend to reserve it for exactly that: a special occasion. Chef Ken Oringer’s sashimi bar, Uni, on the other… read more »

2007 BEST Sushi, West



Oga’s is the kind of place that breeds fanatics: Die-hards go once a week, sometimes more. If the joint doesn’t look like much at first, one bite of the spicy scallop with flying-fish roe, the Japanese red snapper sashimi, or… read more »

2007 BEST Sushi, North

Sushi Island


Those who make frequent worshipful visits to this midsize sushi joint know it doesn’t take much to coax chef-owner Junji Aoki out of his seemingly forbidding silence behind the bar. Just ask (and you might well have to ask, as… read more »