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BEST Engagement Rings

2016 BEST Engagement Rings

Laura Preshong


Goldsmith/jewelry designer Laura Preshong and her team use eco-friendly, recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds from Botswana and Canada to handcraft every ring—which translates to less impact on the environment and mining industry, and an even greater impact on your sweetheart…. read more»

2015 BEST Engagement Rings

Sophie Hughes


This young designer forges rings from start to finish in her studio using recycled metals and reclaimed or ethically sourced gems. Choose a ready-made design or meet with Hughes to get creative. From classic shiny bands to one-of-a-kind baubles, the… read more»

2014 BEST Engagement Rings

Royal Jewelers


Don’t know the first thing about carats and clarity? Head to Royal Jewelers, where experienced staffers (the shop’s been in the same family since 1948) are ready to hold your hand through every step of the ring-selection process. For a… read more»

2013 BEST Engagement Rings

Barmakian Jewelers


If you like numbers, try these: Some 60,000 loose diamonds and 20,000 settings are available at this century-old family jeweler, where you can design a sparkler that perfectly matches your style—and your budget. read more»

2007 BEST Engagement Rings

Barmakian Jewelers


The folks at Barmakian know it’s the engagement ring—ever the showstopping diva—that gets all the oohs and aahs, which is why they specialize in wedding bands that complement, rather than compete. The store offers hundreds of men’s, women’s, and unisex… read more»

2005 BEST Engagement Rings

Alpha Omega


The folks at Alpha Omega understand everything from pre-engagement pressures to buying on a budget. The store’s salespeople, who don’t work on commission, will be happy to educate you over the course of many visits. And the bling? Whether you’re… read more»

2003 BEST Engagement Rings

Deprisco Jewelers


Shopping for bridal baubles at this 55-year-old family-run emporium is almost as satisfying as striking a deal directly with the diamond cutter in Antwerp. In their cozy showroom four floors above Downtown Crossing, DePrisco’s white-haired salesmen steer anxious grooms-to-be into… read more»

2002 BEST Engagement Rings

Shreve, Crump & Low


Here today, here a decade ago, here when (odds are) you were still a glint in Daddy’s eye—Shreve’s diamond counter is one institution that has stood the test of time, and flawlessly. Quiz the professional, enthusiastic staff on the finer… read more»

2001 BEST Engagement Rings

Shreve, Crump & Low


Some people marry for love; some, for a ring from Shreve’s. With what is easily one of the most complete selections of diamond rings around—from dainty two-carat marquis to five-carat solitaire boulders—Shreve’s has every fiancée’s fancy covered. Bonus: the attitude-free,… read more»