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BEST Shopkeeper

2015 BEST Shopkeeper, The Soothsayer

Paul Niski, Good


Niski—with his calming aura and purring voice—is the rare store owner, along with partner Kate Brizius, who isn’t about the sale; instead, he aims to make his Beacon Hill gift store approachable for budgeters and spendier shoppers alike. Years spent… read more»

2015 BEST Shopkeeper, The Nurturer

Lana Barakat, December Thieves


At her SoWa and Charles Street boutiques, Barakat cultivates independent artisans with unique backstories and connects them with customers on her social-media pages. It feels like one big happy family, and Barakat’s approachable demeanor and fawning customer service—she’ll gamely bring… read more»

2015 BEST Shopkeeper, The Connector

Jill Rosenwald, Jill Rosenwald Studio


Jill Rosenwald’s groovy patterned pottery and accessories are pure bold technicolor, and so is her personality: Chatty and effusive, Rosenwald considers her clients and colleagues old friends. When you call her studio, it’s actually her on the other end, always… read more»