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BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

2016 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

Whole Heart Provisions


If you don’t think vegetarian cuisine can be decadent, then you’ve never tried Whole Heart’s falafel dog: two golden-fried chickpea-and-parsley patties “dragged through the garden” with tahini, tomato, and Grillo’s pickles. Resounding proof that meat-free dining doesn’t have to be… read more»

2015 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

Life Alive


A new Boston staffer—a meat-loving New York transplant—recently ran into the office, excited after “discovering” Life Alive. It was then that we realized how lucky we are to have had this organic café long before the whole grain-bowl-kombucha-juice-bar thing got… read more»

2014 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

Life Alive

We’d argue that the trend in vegetarian cuisine toward creating foodstuffs that " taste and look just like meat" is a misguided principle. What self-respecting herbivore wants to eat oil-laden faux beef? Life Alive eschews such questionable ingredients, instead showcasing… read more»

2013 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

My Thai Vegan Cafe


A vegetarian diet doesn’t have to mean plain kale and quinoa. This Chinatown spot serves up convincing Thai dishes made without any animal products—really. The extensive vegan menu features the classics (pad thai, pineapple fried rice), as well as bold… read more»

2012 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

Veggie Galaxy


When you’re convinced that bacon makes everything better, dining with vegetarian friends can feel like a major downer. Permit Veggie Galaxy to convince you otherwise. From the hearty onion-ring-topped mushroom-chickpea burger to the creamy mac ‘n’ cheese with bread crumbs,… read more»

2011 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

True Bistro


Despite the proliferation of earthy-crunchy types in town, only a handful of restaurants here dedicate their menu to meatless meals, and even fewer elevate the concept past casual fare. At True Bistro, though, the offerings actually fall into the category… read more»

2008 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

OtherSide Cafe


The extensive vegetarian and vegan offerings here one-up the fakin’ bacon and sham ham that dominate most meat-shunning spots. At the OtherSide, tempeh can replace chicken in anything, tofu stands in for eggs in omelets, and sandwiches like the avocado-packed… read more»

2007 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

T. J. Scallywaggle’s


Pay no attention to the crazy name, the mind-bending spellings, or the restaurant’s less-than-luxurious digs in the heart of Allston: The vegan menu at T. J. Scallywaggle’s more than compensates. The “chikhin Parmesan” subs, “turkee and hamm” sandwiches, “cheeze-burgers,” and… read more»

1999 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

Centre St. Cafe

Jamaica Plain

Visions of the Moosewood Cafe dance in our heads. This Jamaica Plain eatery isn’t quite the famous haven that spawned all those veggie cookbooks, but it offers meatless dishes flavorful enough to satisfy a carnivore. In fact, a musrhoom-potato stew… read more»

1998 BEST Vegetarian Restaurant

The Five Seasons Restaurant

Jamaica Plain

Meat-and-potato Brahmin cravings may explain the dearth of veggie restaurants in Boston, but The Five Seasons will convince even the most die-hard carnivore to lighten up. With beautiful, delicious dishes— including the tofu nori-roll appetizer, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and… read more»