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BEST Challah

1999 BEST Challah

Cheryl Ann’s Bakery


Try as we did, we couldn’t find another plait of challah that came close. We always buy two at a time, one for scarfing in the car, another to eat more ceremoniously at home. read more»

1998 BEST Challah

Cheryl Ann’s of Brookline

West Roxbury

Lines form around the block on Friday afternoons and before major Jewish holidays, though this challah is too good to save for special occasions. Cheryl Ann’s challah has the soft sweetness of brioche and looks like a food stylist’s dream… read more»

1995 BEST Challah

Cake Art


It’s not just for Sabbath anymore. Knowing a good thing when they saw it, the bakers at Cake Art turned their fabulous challah into a variety of other goodies like onion rolls and hot dog buns. Just make sure that’s… read more»