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BEST New Restaurant, South

2015 BEST New Restaurant, South

Galley Kitchen & Bar


When the Galley opened last year in Scituate Harbor, it bridged the gap between townie bars and white-tablecloth bistros. Locals have responded in droves, packing the stylishly weathered wooden tables for chef-owner Brian Houlihan’s smartly executed small plates—fried lobster with… read more»

2013 BEST New Restaurant, South

Steel & Rye


With its exposed pipes, sky-high ceiling, and wood finishes, the 7,000-square-foot Steel & Rye has an atmosphere best described as industrial-farmhouse chic, yet it’s as homey a restaurant as you’ll find—the type of place you might want to try on… read more»

2012 BEST New Restaurant, South



Too often, South Shore diners are stuck in that wasteland between kid-friendly chains and adult-only, white-tablecloth restaurants. Enter Wahlburgers, the brainchild of chef Paul Wahlberg. From classic double cheeseburgers to creative specialty sandwiches (like the “Thanksgiving,” with ground turkey, stuffing,… read more»

2009 BEST New Restaurant, South



Last fall the splashy new Hingham Shipyard looked primed to become the region’s next dining sensation, boasting upcoming ventures by boldface chefs Paul Wahlberg and Esti Parsons. But an unassuming Pembroke strip mall has stolen some of its thunder with… read more»

2008 BEST New Restaurant, South

Lynwood Café


Lean, yeasty crust dotted with a few rounds of mozzarella is not what you’ll find at Lynwood Café; A South Shore specialty, ‘bar pizza’ trades on piles of gooey cheese and rich, fatty dough, and this Randolph dive serves the… read more»

2006 BEST New Restaurant, South

Fifty-Three South


Restaurants get made over more often than Ashlee Simpson. But the new incarnation of 53 South is more about-face than facelift. The eatery has moved to snazzier, red-walled digs in an old Pizza Hut and dramatically overhauled its menu, swapping… read more»

2005 BEST New Restaurant, South

Rustic Kitchen


Yes, it’s in a shopping plaza (albeit an upscale one). And yes, it’s technically a chain. But step inside and such details fade away. The gold-ceilinged trattoria is packed nightly with yuppies lounging around on ample outdoor seating, schmoozing at… read more»

2003 BEST New Restaurant, South

Fifty-Three South


Don’t let the trendy name fool you: Fifty-three South is far more nouvelle than nouveau. That’s not to say this fetching bistro, opened at the site of the former Seasons restaurant, doesn’t have a classic strain. Candles light the tables,… read more»

2002 BEST New Restaurant, South

Bridgeman’s Restaurant


Not since Paragon Park shut down has Nantasket Beach seen such an attraction. Nearly every night, the locals line up for the energetic scene at the long, sleek bars; for the genteel, white-linened dining area; and, natch, for the Italian-inspired… read more»