Best of Boston

BEST Politician

1999 BEST Politician, State

Ted Kennedy

Whether it’s delivering the pork, hiking the minimum wage, extending health care benefits to the poor, or working behind the scenes on the Fleet-BankBoston merger and the Patriots stadium deal, our hyperactive senior senator hasn’t stopped running for reelection since… read more»

1999 BEST Politician, City

Rev. J. Donald Monan, Chancellor, Boston College

What Father Flanagan was to Boys Town, Father Monan is to our little burg, Boyos Town—brokering the stadium deal that kept the Pats in town in much the same way he did when he rescued the Fleet Center years ago… read more»

1989 BEST Politician, State

A three-way tie. House Speaker George Keverian, Boston mayor Ray Flynn, and Senate president Billy Bulger.

Keverian for getting the Duke’s wormy 1988 budget and the universal-health-care package through the legislature in time for the Democratic convention. Flynn for the wisdom he showed in announcing he was not running for governor—even if he had to announce… read more»

1989 BEST Politician, City

Kevin White

Exonerated by the office of the U.S. attorney. Was there ever a dodger so artful as our Kevin? read more»

1988 BEST Politician

Governor Michael Stanley Dukakis

Boring, plodding, humorless, and cold, right? Right. And on his way to the White House. Face it: he did the impossible. Dukakis has had the best year of any politician since John Kennedy in 1960. read more»

1978 BEST Politician, Local

Michael Harrington

He knows to get out when the getting is good. read more»

1976 BEST Politician, Talented

State Senator Billy Bulger

State Senator Billy Bulger, who knows that politics is better played for laughs than for real. A sample: “I saw Sonny McDonough out front. He was trying to blow up a school bus, but he burned his lips on the… read more»