Best of Boston

BEST Chocolate

1993 BEST Chocolate, Tortoises

Bari & Gail Chocolatier

Newton Upper Falls

You know chocolate turtles. Now imagine something three times bigger made with either milk or dark chocolate, cashews or almonds, and buttery caramel. That’s a Bari & Gail tortoise. read more»

1993 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

Winand Chocolate Company


Totally, completely awesome. read more»

1992 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

Winand Chocolate Company


Wonderfully rich and silky. Totally decadent. read more»

1992 BEST Chocolate, Politically Correct

Toucan Chocolates


Recycled paper, vegetable-based ink, nuts from the rain forest in Brazil. PC never tasted so good. read more»

1991 BEST Chocolate

The Chocolate Truffle


With truffles like these, we constantly wonder, Perhaps being a chocoholic isn’t so bad after all. Woburn never tasted so sweet. read more»

1991 BEST Chocolate, New

Lake Champlain Chocolate Company


The ice cream’s good, the truffles are great, and the Five Star chocolate bars are outrageous. read more»

1990 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

The Chocolate Truffle


Truffles like this should make you think, Hey, I could be a chocoholic. read more»

1989 BEST Chocolate

The Chocolate Box


If this perfect pearl of a shop had been around 200 years ago, Marie Antoinette would have said, “Let them eat chocolate-dipped macaroons.” Then again, anything from the Chocolate Box would have suited Marie. read more»

1987 BEST Chocolate

The Chocolate Box


Their chocolates taste like real Belgian chocolates. read more»

1984 BEST Chocolate, Truffles

Doreen’s Pastries at Panache


read more»