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BEST Coffee Shop

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Central Square

1369 Coffee House


The premium product at this funky storefront is poured by genuine bean-lovers, not fast-food automatons or Stepford baristas. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Davis Square

Diesel Café


Students, professionals, and assorted journal scribblers all hang at the Diesel, drawn by quality brews and a thoroughly unpretentious atmosphere. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Washington Square



Marble-topped tables and wrought-iron lighting give Athan’s a shot of European flavor. Try the Nescafé frappe, a Greek fave that shames plain iced coffee. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop

Diesel Café


While the corporate megapercolators spend millions on ads that pit yuppies against average joes, the Diesel buzzes blissfully along, keeping the emphasis on the coffee. Tattered banquettes and walls covered with funky artwork provide a quirky welcome to Davis Square… read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, North End

Boston Common Coffee Co.


Rumor has it, the strong java at this American-style café has found fans even among the traditionalists at nearby coffee-roaster Polcari’s. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Fenway/Symphony

Espresso Royale


Offering the consistency of a chain minus the deadening corporate feel, it strikes the right note with BSO crowds and local music students. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, South Boston

Mul’s Diner


A cup at Mul’s is always bracing, and made even better by the presence of myriad cops, reporters, and pols hanging out at the legendary greasy spoon. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Charlestown

Zumes Coffee House


Opened last year, locally owned Zumes has won over Townies with its upscale tea and coffee drinks and do-lounge-around décor. read more»

2007 BEST Coffee Shop

Uptown Espresso


It’s not hard to miss Uptown Espresso, tucked into the first floor of a townhouse in the South End—although once you know it’s there, it’s virtually impossible to walk past. The coffee, a dark roast from upstate New York, is… read more»

2006 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Beacon Hill



It now serves both lunch and dinner, but the bakery-café is still the spot for a midmorning espresso. read more»