Best of Boston

Best Comeback

2002 Best Comeback

Mission of Burma

Art-punk heroes and alterna-rock granddaddies Mission of Burma, whose original 1979-83 run influenced R.E.M. and the Pixies, roared back with a handful of high-decibel concerts […]
2002 Best Comeback

Globe Spotlight Team

The Boston Globe Spotlight Team, whose Pulitzer Prize-worthy coverage of the archdiocesan sex scandal was earth-shattering journalism at its and a return to the kind […]
2002 Best Comeback, Game


The Celtics, for the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in NBA playoff history, making up a 21-point deficit to beat the New Jersey Nets in game three […]
2002 Best Comeback, Venue

The FleetCenter

2001 Best Comeback

Mike Barnicle

—especially if money is how you’re keeping score. The former Globe columnist now has a daily talk show on WTKK, a column in the New […]
1999 Best Comeback, by a Local Band

The Gigolo Aunts

After five years without a release, the Gigolo Aunts burst back onto the music scene with Minor Chords and Major Themes, a disc so infused […]
1995 Best Comeback

Digital Equipment

Sure, the company itself is half as big as it used to be. Sure, the sales of its once-popular VAX computers are still plummeting. But […]
1993 Best Comeback

Aimee Mann

Her ‘Til Tuesday days behind her, she has released, at long last, a solo album, Whatever, that is thoughtful, inventive—in a word, stunning. Don’t make […]
1989 Best Comeback

The Emerson Majestic Theater

Resurrected, refurbished, resplendent.
1987 Best Comeback, Album

Third Stage

The new album by the synthetic-rock group Boston was six years in the making and worth the wait.
1987 Best Comeback

<em>All My Sons</em>

Arthur Miller’s All My Sons at the Wilbur. The ball was back in Miller’s court, and he aced it.
1986 Best Comeback

The San Fransisco Mime Troupe’s <em>Steel Town</em>

We wish they’d move to Boston.
1985 Best Comeback, Location

The Ritz-Carlton

Refurbished and revived, the grand old lady is sparkling again.
1984 Best Comeback

The Basketball Hall of Fame, in Springfield

A $10-million investment that will bear fruit in 1985.
1983 Best Comeback

Institute of Contemporary Art

New director David Ross turned it around.