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BEST Men's Clothing

1981 BEST Men's Clothing, Bastion of the Preppy Look

Andover Shop


Into the preppy look long before The Preppy Handbook, and more fun to shop at than J. Press or Brooks Brothers. read more »

1981 BEST Men's Clothing, Store for Male Clotheshores



Proof that, contrary to rumor, elegance and style can flourish in the Hub. Praise be. read more »

1979 BEST Men's Clothing, Tie

The Burgundy Foulard Silk Tie from Brooks Brothers

Store rep Bill Orlandi says it’s the only tie you’ll ever need. The standard three-and-one-half-inch width will never go out of fashion. read more »

1976 BEST Men's Clothing, Store



One of the largest selections of fine fabrics and tasteful, but stylish garments to be found anywhere. read more »