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BEST Men's Clothing

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Coats



This is Burberry’s? If you are wedded to the image of Burberry’s as catering to a stuff-upper-lip, sensible shoe-wearing clientele, think again. Sure, you can still buy the classic trench, but the store is moving away from its ultra-conservative roots… read more»

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Hip

Riccardi Boutique


Look no further for the latest European street chic. Leather blazer for clubbing? Got it. Carol Christian Poell suit with the 90-degree-angle shoulder for strolling Newbury Street? Yep. You supply the fabulous physique and the fierce attitude. read more»

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Resale Store



When he was an undergraduate at Harvard, John F. Kennedy used to sell his slightly worn formal wear to Max Keezer’s store, where Harvard men have shopped since 1895 for the occasional velvet-collared chesterfield. Keezer’s also sells a huge range… read more»

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Custom Shirts



“Casual Friday” is a dirty word here. Zareh is a store for power brokers and corporate chieftains who settle for nothing less than made-to-measure shirts. It’s the only place in the country the carries much-coveted Robert Talbott Estate Collection shirts…. read more»

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties



There is little threat to the tie hegemony that Hermes enjoys; no other store stocks such high-end, well-made, status-symbol neckwear. Some find the patterns staid and the colors dull. We know a classic when we see it. read more»

1997 BEST Men's Clothing, Ready-to-Wear



Even the sartorially splendid sometimes need help updating their wardrobes, and Stonestreets has an all-encompassing selection of menswear from Joseph Abboud to Hugo Boss and the increasingly hard-to-find Paraboot line of shoes, which can take you from the boardroom to… read more»

1997 BEST Men's Clothing, Casual

Country Road


Everyone knows that Giorgio Armani makes some of the most beautiful clothing in the world, and what fashion-conscious man wouldn’t want his entire closet full of it? But for the Armani-aware without the platinum-card power, Country Road has consistently provided… read more»

1995 BEST Men's Clothing, Blue Suit

Calvin Klein

When the occasion calls for a blue suit but you want something more stylish than Brooks Brothers’ fare, Calvin is the man for the job. Perfectly tailored, seriously sharp, yet unstuffy, too. Just like you. read more»

1995 BEST Men's Clothing, Hip



Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino, Comme de Garcons, Claude Montana, Byblos, Thierry Mugler, Gianfranco Ferre, Prada, Iceberg, Giuliano Fujiwara, Chrome Hearts, and Blue System—what more could you want? read more»

1995 BEST Men's Clothing

Louis, Boston


Superb suits, including the city’s largest selection of Ermenegildo Zegna, a vast array of ties, terrific casual clothes, and great shoes and accessories, displayed in Boston’s most architecturally interesting retail space. Plus, a terrific cafe in which to relax after… read more»