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BEST Men's Clothing

2001 BEST Men's Clothing, Trendy

Louis Boston


Fashion Oz lies behind these walls, where rooms are given over to individual designers, and where staffers know more than most fashion editors do, including lots about the unusual and the local. Without a stitch of attitude they’ll walk you… read more»

2000 BEST Men's Clothing, Mature

Mr. Sid of Newton and Palm Beach

Newton Centre

This is a shop for guys who hate to shop. In fact, Mr. Sid’s has more amenities than some hotels. While their Zegna suits are being custom-altered, pampered shoppers can play pool, get their hair trimmed by an in-house barber,… read more»

2000 BEST Men's Clothing, Boomers



The Stonestreets shopping experience is all about attention to detail, making it appropriate for both CEOs who don’t wear anything without pinstripes and professors who stick to khaki trousers. Other name-brands on offer: Hugo Boss, Nick HIlton, and Caruso, plus… read more»

2000 BEST Men's Clothing, Generation X

Sola Men


These minimalist men’s clothing stores carry young, hip lines like Theory and Calvin Klein, plus cooler-than-thou jean labels K24 and Boulevard. Their own brand of shoes are Prada-esque, sans the hefty price tag. They also sell Kenneth Cole footwear. read more»

1999 BEST Men's Clothing, Suburban

Mr. Sid

Newton Centre

If you hate to shop but need to update your wardrobe, Mr. Sid’s can outfit you from head to toe and also provide a few divertissements—namely a bar, antique pool table, and hair salon. At least you’ll have something to… read more»

1999 BEST Men's Clothing, Salesperson

Skip Cuddy, Ermenegildo Zegna


Skip brought his expertise from Louis Boston and Saks to Zegna, where he will outfit the harried male, offering wearable advice on everything from casual Fridays to afternoon weddings. This personal concierge will make sure your clothes are altered on… read more»

1999 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Ari Boston


Someone once said you can tell a man’s personality from his tie. Ari Boston has a selection to reflect even the most complex psyches, in fine woven silks from Italy. read more»

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Resale Store



When he was an undergraduate at Harvard, John F. Kennedy used to sell his slightly worn formal wear to Max Keezer’s store, where Harvard men have shopped since 1895 for the occasional velvet-collared chesterfield. Keezer’s also sells a huge range… read more»

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Custom Shirts



“Casual Friday” is a dirty word here. Zareh is a store for power brokers and corporate chieftains who settle for nothing less than made-to-measure shirts. It’s the only place in the country the carries much-coveted Robert Talbott Estate Collection shirts…. read more»

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties



There is little threat to the tie hegemony that Hermes enjoys; no other store stocks such high-end, well-made, status-symbol neckwear. Some find the patterns staid and the colors dull. We know a classic when we see it. read more»