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BEST Men's Clothing

1995 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Anthony Corey’s neckwear

Chestnut Hill

Six of local artist and designer Tony Corey’s gorgeous ties recently fetched $1,700 at the Fenway Community Health Center’s silent auction. And it’s no wonder. Many of the ties, woven from silk in Italy, in various abstract and equestrian designs… read more»

1995 BEST Men's Clothing, Tuxedo Rental

Classic Tuxedo


A good selection of brands, excellent service, and careful fitting makes this place a winner for weddings and other formal occasions. read more»

1994 BEST Men's Clothing, Formal

Giorgio Armani


Just perfect. read more»

1994 BEST Men's Clothing, Casual Wear

Joseph Abboud


Nothing beats the J.O.E. line by Joseph Abboud for super-looking jeans, trousers, shirts, and sweaters—lots of style for the buck. read more»

1994 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Neiman Marcus

Once again we have to give it to Neiman Marcus where the ties come at you in a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and styles. The Neiman Marcus tie department is a bastion against grunge. read more»

1993 BEST Men's Clothing, Basics

Freedberg of Boston


It’s open only on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. You have to shop for winter in August and summer in February, But there’s no better source for well-cut suits and pants in top-shelf wools, cottons, and linens. read more»

1993 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

The Closet


Very gently worn silk ties by Hubert, Boss, Armani, and Abboud in A1 condition, gently priced at less than $25. Rumor has it that many of them have been worn only once or twice. read more»

1992 BEST Men's Clothing

Louis Boston


For all the obvious reasons. Even if you can’t afford to shop there regularly, the experience is worth a visit. read more»

1992 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Neiman Marcus


They have all the biggies—Armani, Brioni, Missoni, Miller. Plus, the light is so bright that you can see the tie’s true hue. read more»

1991 BEST Men's Clothing

Joseph Abboud


Abboud accomplishes something we didn’t think possible: he makes earth tones and conservative styles appealing. read more»