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2000 BEST Website, Music

Gotta have the latest Godboy disc? Want to know where to hear The High Ceilings live? How ’bout downloading some fresh MP3’s from the likes of Double Dong and Miracle Baby? If you answered yes to any of those questions,… read more»

1999 BEST Website, Arts and Entertainment

Digital City Boston (

A simple way to sort through the cultural offerings on any given day, Digital City Boston does all the little things right. A single movie page, for instance, tells you when and where a film is playing, and gives a… read more»

1999 BEST Website, Useless


This companion to the long-running National Public Radio show extends the lunacy that you hear on the air every Saturday. The centerpiece of Click and Clack’s home page is “Time Kill Central,” which includes features like the Hate Mail Generator… read more»

1999 BEST Website, News and Information

Sure, the pages can be a bit cramped (and slow to load), but there’s no better online source for data that matters to Bostonians. The Boston Globe is the centerpiece, but also features stories from Mass High Tech, banker… read more»

1999 BEST Website, Useful

SmarTraveler (

This is the site to hit before you go anywhere. Updated every few minutes, offers information about tie-ups on local roads and the MBTA. Even better than the concise written alerts are the live video feeds form problem-prone paces… read more»