Best Public Schools in Boston 2014 – Sortable Chart

Our exclusive ranking of public high schools in Greater Boston. Sort the data based on the categories most important to you.


We chased down and analyzed a dizzying array of data—test scores, student-to-teacher ratios, graduation rates—to produce proprietary rankings of both public and private high schools in Greater Boston. Below is a sortable chart of our complete ranking of public schools in the area. (For more on how we determined the rankings, see our methodology below.)


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Avg. Class Size
Student-Teacher Ratio
Per-Pupil Spending
Avg. MCAS, Reading
Avg. MCAS, Math
Avg. MCAS, Science
Avg. SAT, Reading
Avg. SAT, Writing
Avg. SAT, Math
Dollars Spent Per SAT Point
% Scoring 3-5 on AP Exams
College Advisors
Grad Rate (%)
% to College
Dover-Sherborn High School16471311.5:1$16,4341009999608617618$8.9298.6498.191
Lexington High School2201419.312.6:1$16,726999796626623656$8.7892.41097.485.3
Acton-Boxborough Regional High School3198919.716.1:1$13,697999897613616649$7.2997.91097.990.9
Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School496919.411.5:1N/A1001009859559064095.5598.691.9
Newton South High School5175916.112.4:1$16,400999689606615636$8.83941398.184.5
Wellesley High School6138114.612.3:1$15,0851009882605606611$8.2892.8898.686.4
Wayland High School785615.612.2:1$15,902999589587592617$8.8590.9699.189.4
Sharon High School8119916.312.9:1$14,527999793589590610$8.1293.8697.188.7
Westford Academy9167519.813.9:1$11,449999796589577601$6.4893.1898.692.7
Winchester High School10115616.714.0:1$11,954999695579585609$6.7485.7698.986.6
Medfield High School119081813.9:1$11,830989693577579605$6.7287.7599.292.4
Weston High School1278618.610.4:1$19,915999783603610622$10.8578.8596.689
Belmont High School13111818.316.8:1$12,259999794586581602$6.9393.2598.487.5
Needham High School14154518.215.1:1$13,742999792585580595$7.8196.3897.888
Concord Carlisle Regional High School15122418.113.5:1$20,525999596598592617$11.3697.799887.2
Boston Latin School16233224.920.2:1$17,283100100100626611632$9.2580.5798.690.6
Westwood High School1790915.613.7:1$14,197989693570565592$8.2291.1598.287.7
Hingham High School18113015.614.0:1$11,4151009594553560569$6.7992.5696.787.9
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School19159019.913.5:1$17,340989381589594620$9.6293.5898.786.6
Brookline High School2018191412.6:1$16,626989387591590609$9.2994.31493.582.1
Bedford High School2191513.712.0:1$16,6001009487567565579$9.7095695.786.1
Andover High School2217941615.0:1$13,836999888564567588$8.0580.78.596.691.2
Duxbury High School23103719.113.5:1$11,825999794551557574$7.0381.5698.888
Hopkinton High School24112417.514.5:1$12,472989593558555575$7.3981.6699.289.5
Georgetown High School254101311.9:1$10,511999193540534550$6.4797.4296.989.2
Newton North High School26194816.612.0:1$16,400979288573579602$9.3591.81595.482
Manchester Essex Regional High School2747715.512.1:1$13,479989696554553570$8.048739385.8
Masconomet Regional High School28134516.317.2:1$13,094989895553550570$7.8380.3898.791.9
Norwell High School2961514.512.8:1$12,074999491532541546$7.4675.9498.990.7
Reading Memorial High School30128116.814.3:1$11,051989490548543562$6.6981.6696.692.6
Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School3169718.112.6:1$14,759999594556554553$8.8769.1495.386.9
Holliston High School3282815.912.3:1$12,198979190535534556$7.5192.8496.288.5
Arlington High School33122615.417.1:1$12,603989289577576573$7.3083.2692.986.6
Ashland High School3472514.715.1:1$12,183999588530520569$7.5384.6494.990.5
Nashoba Regional High School35101016.4$12,686959287555546579$7.5589.2695.188.9
Lynnfield High School3662615.912.5:1$12,215999293513516553$7.7287.7399.485
Marblehead High School379891413.2:1$12,998969288548552553$7.8686.4496.788.7
Natick High School3815111814.7:1$13,146989391550537557$8.0086.9795.388
Cohasset High School3939018.113.1:1$13,5241009581547544567$8.1694.4295.690.5
Newburyport High School4072916.712.2:1$13,622979487536535551$8.4083.1495.290.4
Foxborough High School4184913.412.9:1$13,635958890543540556$8.3286.7597.280.9
Mansfield High School4213961514.6:1$11,166989385529521552$6.9779.9793.886.9
Scituate High School4392716.615.1:1$12,311999686533545547$7.5874.7393.489.5
Chelmsford High School44159416.514.3:1$11,751989374537539562$7.1782.6795.788.8
Medway High School4580516.115.5:1$11,775979483527526546$7.3672.5398.289.4
North Reading High School4672320.412.3:1$12,498989191547546577$7.4856.2392.487.3
North Attleboro High School47123614.716.0:1$10,139979294531516538$6.4088.6595.282
Pentucket Regional High School4877415.513.5:1$11,821978883548536554$7.2270.4592.783.9
Pioneer Charter School of Science4935317.911.2:1$14,1781009598514509566$8.9250.4195.782.4
Rockport High School5030114.111.5:1$15,484999587528514526$9.8869.6290.485.5
Franklin High School51161119.713.9:1$11,108989390534539557$6.8183.2784.784.8
Braintree High School52173416.115.3:1$11,564999690507504534$7.4891.3693.981.1
Maynard High School5330612.112.7:1$13,822948778547539519$8.6170.2390.878.9
Milton High School54101517.114.3:1$12,816989285517513538$8.1769.4593.285.3
North Andover High School55137518.916.9:1$11,603968290530527542$7.2685695.288.6
Ipswich High School5660613.713.2:1$11,548948879546533543$7.1262.7393.580.9
Boston Latin Academy57162624.517.7:1$17,28310010093517519577$10.7162.2790.684.8
Millis High School5839415.714.6:1$10,638978881513511525$6.8777.5298.883
Marshfield High School59132517.612.2:1$11,003989086517512525$7.0869.9793.785.5
Wilmington High School6091914.413.1:1$13,321959174525518537$8.4378.8593.488.2
Walpole High School61115518.514.0:1$12,021978784533524522$7.6177.6598.186.9
Apponequet Regional High School6284318.414.8:1$10,275958983527533539$6.4371.1495.783.7
Wakefield Memorial High School6398815.912.5:1$12,512968984510512529$8.0774.4594.188.6
Hanover High School6470816.813.3:1$10,857989282502490513$7.2163.2397.888.8
Swampscott High School6573715.312.4:1$13,746978687524525533$8.6964.5394.385.9
King Philip Regional High School66131721.317.1:1$12,410989192533528534$7.7869.3493.887
Burlington High School67112917.212.9:1$15,893989280520520534$10.1069.2695.590.1
Canton High School6890718.812.0:1$13,153988888515509540$8.4170.5493.784.1
Stoneham High School6968714.411.6:1$13,226978784507519507$8.6367.1491.683.1
Triton Regional High School7073514.512.1:1$12,748948776519515545$8.0769.8489.782.9
Framingham High School 71203217.112.0:1$15,995948789518520554$10.0593.11086.772.5
Oliver Ames High School72114918.914.9:1$11,133979277525522527$7.0767.7493.689.1
Silver Lake Regional High School73130720.214.6:1$12,900969278513501533$8.3471.8597.476
Norton High School7470317.513.5:1$12,411969291519510520$8.0149.5385.984.4
Amesbury High School7563917.514.8:1$12,377948870519519537$7.8676389.280.3
Stoughton High School76101613.911.6:1$11,960969082490479496$8.1665.6490.981.3
West Bridgewater Junior/Senior High School7764418.913.2:1$10,9521008890486492490$7.4656.3210088.6
Pembroke High School7894318.815.4:1$10,484989183492489519$6.9955.3494.479.5
Joseph Case High School7957114.212.1:1$11,504918776504500522$7.5452.9588.776.6
Danvers High School80104717.613.8:1$12,923928882513507518$8.4059.8492.587.9
Plymouth North High School81115717.513.0:1$13,099968980508496518$8.6180.6586.572.9
Medford High School82125017.212.1:1$13,032958674497509509$8.6087.8487.382
Melrose High School8393718.413.4:1$11,176958865507509503$7.3660.2594.584.5
Mystic Valley Regional Charter School84148025.714.3:1N/A1009582518521551296.297.5
Boston Collegiate Charter School8562020.710.2:1N/A1001009047749053642.3276.780
Tewksbury Memorial High School869031915.9:1$12,291958778505490512$8.1667.4488.682.4
Hudson High School87116115.312.0:1$13,294989173495486494$9.0169.4690.282.1
Billerica Memorial High School88152216.115.4:1$12,872958484500499537$8.3881.5588.580.6
East Bridgewater High School8957019.117.8:1$10,381989384494479495$7.0749.2391.778
North Quincy High School90122416.113.3:1$14,221888275501497535$9.2885.6991.877.3
South Shore Charter Public School9154117.211.3:1$18,3011009388487475472$12.7658.8193.989.7
Plymouth South High School92127113.99.8:1$13,099958181484479506$8.9263.5793.464.7
Community Charter School of Cambridge9336818.29.9:1N/A100908445548050131.6188.287
Salem Academy Charter School9434216.39.5:1$14,7061009584470470480$10.3657.1187.578.6
Norwood High School95113915.513.2:1$13,497928565486492505$9.1086.3593.581.8
Beverly High School96129020.515.3:1$12,818948379505502520$8.3962.9591.480.2
Foxborough Regional Charter School97120923.815.4:1$13,635998769521505506$8.9045.2398.187.1
Dedham High School987731612.0:1$16,040938781493478507$10.8561.9490.681.4
Whitman Hanson Regional99119222.118.1:1$10,412938281501500518$6.8572.4594.572.7
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School100152617.716.4:1$11,564958371505499524$7.5776.5689.973.8
Watertown High School1017651512.1:1$16,493947973485478529$11.0573385.384.2
Dracut Senior High School10210662215.9:1$10,431958476492491494$7.0668.9485.283.7
Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School103171215.410.1:1$27,018918570498501503$17.9982.91087.378
Hull High School10434712.310.8:1$15,251947882479482483$10.5642.6291.378.7
O'Bryant School of Math and Science105131923.817.4:1$17,283999673477474529$11.6849.9593.783.8
Marlborough High School106116613.510.7:1$14,198897967500492523$9.3757.8584.168.4
Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School10749322.812.9:1$17,2831009276484476505$11.8022292.684.1
Rockland Senior High School10864915.315.5:1$13,081918361490490512$8.7760485.976.5
Woburn High School10913361513.7:1$13,663938066491496508$9.1479.3587.477.7
Winthrop Senior High School11055117.113.5:1$11,569898071485483507$7.8443.428889.2
Peabody Veterans Memorial High School111177515.813.1:1$13,029938070495492511$8.7062.3783.770.5
Gloucester High School11299216.611.4:1$13,940937771495489497$9.4179.4584.566.8
Prospect Hill Academy Charter School113115122.412.3:1N/A100907547647948359.3286.596.5
Boston Preparatory Charter Public School1143592310.8:1$17,283989888413443487$12.8714.9292.3100
Abington High School11549818.511.6:1$11,855937964504491505$7.9054.7388.780.9
Carver Middle/High School11690316.911.2:1$12,474959071481487509$8.4574.8283.672.1
Saugus High School11770115.912.8:1$12,690908469472451482$9.0363.1385.681.3
Middleborough High School11884714.512.8:1$12,039927272500488497$8.1146.7390.975.4
Weymouth High School119209716.615.4:1$12,125947877494484494$8.2472.4786.370.9
MATCH Charter Public School1204692115.0:1N/A100939840640549321.4274.287.2
Quincy High School121149915.913.2:1$14,221938071437432509$10.3265.6888.369.5
Waltham Senior High School122134915.511.1:1$18,899937668479480509$12.8774.9781.374.3
Wareham Senior High School12360712.310.5:1$11,953937660472471466$8.4835.4386.968.1
Revere High School124157817.712.9:1$13,277938177439439467$9.8755.2988.672
Salem High School125116314.79.3:1$14,706846564468451466$10.6253.1687.568.9
Methuen High School126181718.114.3:1$11,566907569449437463$8.5737.8682.681
Boston Arts Academy12741313.69.4:1$17,283957155425432425$13.481.586.979.4
Somerville High School128129316.410.6:1$16,506887267443434465$12.3066.9682.966.1
Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School129142619.112.8:1N/A100887046944946819282.2
Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers (Horace Mann Charter School)13026616.713.1:1$17,28397716540542939421110093
Haverhill High School131181915.213.2:1$11,604827054489483498$7.8953.4875.373
Avon Middle High School13235515.810.7:1$12,656896764453434466$9.3531.8194.575
New Mission High School13326715.713.3:1$17,283928566394393439$14.1011.4191.477.4
Lowell High School13430211714.2:1$13,365857053460441487$9.6366.2147679.3
Fenway High School13531919.912.8:1$17,283958465406407429$13.9219267.1
Lyon High School13613213.49.6:1$17,283877932460440460$12.7128.678.1
Taunton High School137223518.515.3:1$11,417867448486472500$7.836588462.5
Holbrook Junior/Senior High School13848115.512.3:1$14,264947157447424457$10.7439.728766.7
City On A Hill Charter Public School13926213.112.0:1$17,2839674734044134474.2253.481.6
Codman Academy Charter Public School14014423.410.4:1N/A927571392402439170.476.2
Randolph High School14176015.711.6:1$15,612887364410405440$12.4442.5580.281.7
Malden High School142187318.915.7:1$12,153837161447438490$8.8448.367868.7
Global Learning Charter Public School14348215.912.4:1N/A93714346647349020.6192.963.2
Brockton High School144412220.516.1:1$12,999876855425418442$10.1257.61984.375.2
Classical High School145152121.517.6:1$13,031876460437425459$9.8627.4687.875.6
Lynn English High School14616331916.3:1$13,031856959446439454$9.7345.5774.873
Everett High School147189116.914.5:1$12,261876444432421439$9.4948781.870.1
Math Science and Technology High School School14850219.613.9:1$13,272836032445422466$9.9658.380.981.8
Quincy Upper School14950617.612.4:1$17,283866322412411461$13.4683.368.6
Boston Community Leadership Academy15048416.211.1:1$17,283877636373379409$14.8915.1283.379.8
Another Course To College15117915.714.9:1$17,283964837411429420$13.7230268.470.5
Chelsea High School15213931812.9:1$13,345776150424408456$10.3635.7665.659.6
Humanities and Leadership Development High School School15358116.312.7:1$13,272816019386382406$11.3034.2375.986.4
Snowden International School at Copley15438617.312.8:1$17,283914941401399416$14.21169.963.6
Boston Green Academy Horace Mann Charter School15531616.39.8:1$17,283864845376364406$15.080169.466.7
Business Management and Finance High School15644513.38.9:1$13,272736322376377381$11.7018.2269.475.6
Performing and Fine Arts High School 15748119.113.4:1$13,272804318382394378$11.5032.78675.2
Urban Science Academy1585761811.0:1$17,283816029397385408$14.5217.5262.159
West Roxbury Academy15963417.913.2:1$17,283684033356353405$15.510475.4
East Boston High School160133316.613.7:1$17,283735230403408429$13.9412.855847.3
Phoenix Charter Academy16126810.711.2:1N/A7158444064094450218.368.8
TechBoston Academy16299415.611.6:1$17,283734521383381397$14.8913.918065.2
Brighton High School163105616.812.6:1$17,283744827366366405$15.2013.3564.153.3
Excel High School16461016.411.9:1$17,283594943362362419$15.1217.2362.262.3
Charlestown High School16591115.812.3:1$17,283625423360358439$14.9434.842.262.8
Boston International High School16643916.99.7:1$17,283647110315332371$16.9837.7145.564
Boston Day and Evening Academy Charter School16742714.213.9:1$17,28372190447411419$13.5316.754.2
Jeremiah E Burke High School16853614.613.3:1$17,283714541343350370$16.262.8256.848.3
Community Academy of Science and Health16941419.414.5:1$17,283644523346352375$16.117.126554.8
The English High School17056313.711.2:1$17,283604132322331364$16.9913.6251.553.4
Madison Park High School171107813.310.3:1$17,283553325338351363$16.430563.647.8
Dorchester Academy17241716.813.9:1$17,283554010352352460$14.850136.557.1
International High School17355314.68.9:1$13,27211138302286324$14.5528.8448.567.7

Correction, September 2, 11:30 a.m.: A previous version of this chart excluded Chelmsford and Burlington High Schools. We regret the error.


Correction, September 10, 5:30 p.m.: A previous version of this chart listed the incorrect enrollment for Cohasset High School. Their enrollment is 390. We regret the error.



We gathered the most recent available data at press time on public schools from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education ( Private school information was provided by those schools. We also consulted town and school websites if necessary. Statistician George Recck, the director of the Math Resource Center at Babson College, calculated the mean scores for each category, and then ranked the schools based on a weighted average of each school data point’s difference from the mean, using mean values when data was unavailable. Only public schools within the Greater Boston I-495 boundary were included.


Additional research by Victoria Baena, Ariana Igneri, Megan Moore, Shina Neo, Katie Reilly, and Alex Stoller.

  • Johnny Panic

    Why was Burlington High School omitted? Shouldn’t it be noted that this list doesn’t include all public high schools in the metropolitan area?

    • skibum2

      They made the list at #67

      • gena4758

        oh and thanks for the heads up on the new list.

      • Johnny Panic

        They do now. The original list included 171 high schools. It looks like there are now 173 schools.

  • Southender

    I agree. It’s weird that Burlington was left off with no explanation, considering its prior rank. Also, I can’t think of any other local public high school that was left off this list. If they’re going to compare local high schools, they should either include all within a specific area or use the same list that was used in prior years. It makes me question the value of these rankings.

  • Sboro mom

    Methodology states, “Only public schools within the Greater Boston I-495 boundary were included”. So it would seem Burlington should be included.

    They are also missing Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School. At a glance, it seems they didn’t include any vocational schools.

  • katzzz

    What a load of crap. Not helpful to students, parents, anyone. $ spent per SAT points? Really? Numbers do not tell the story of the educational, social and cultural experience of attending a particular school. Your list offers less insight and none of the entertainment value than something on Buzzfeed. If you want to help parents, students and educators, get out of the office and do some reporting, instead of sitting at the computer and crunching statistics.

    • 2girlsincollege

      And how exactly would you quantify those experiences? They are impossible to put a numerical calculation on.

      • katzzz

        Exactly my point. The HS experience cannot be quantified. Statistical analysis offers limited insight, hence the need to go beyond mere number crunching.

        • 2girlsincollege

          katzzz, yes there are limitations to this graph, there are limitations to all graphs. But they do offer some graph will be perfect and offer everything everyone wants (or feels it’s important) to include. You use graphs like this as a baseline, something to start your review of any school on, it’s not meant to be the complete picture, but a starting point. People complain about graphs like this all the time, but in general, overall, and with a wide view lens, these graphs are pretty accurate in many terms. That’s obviously very broad and if you peek closer in the lens you will see critiques and omissions, etc., but again, in broad terms, these lists have weight. Our school fell right about where I felt it did (mediocre), but I’m not saying this is the final word on anything, I expect my kids to do better than the average kid in an average school. Some of the info is noise, sure, so you look for the info that is important to you, not all of it.

          • katzzz

            I agree with most everything you say, but I think the fact that “these lists have weight” is what is regrettable about this particular list (which is done in purely statistical fashion because it is easier and cheaper than putting together a list that would incorporate non-quantifiable qualities) is that people might take it seriously and use it to diminish the efforts of educators working in schools not located in the wealthy, non-white communities that (predictably) top BoMag’s list. For example, a school with a large number of immigrant students that succeeds in getting a high percentage of them into college and taking AP tests is still not going to get a high ranking in this list, even though it may be a great school given its population. And BoMag somehow rates schools using “$ spent per SAT points” as a metric. How does this figure relate to the quality of a school?

          • MetroWesterner

            Acton and Lexington both have over 5% of students with limited English proficiency, putting those districts in the top third of the state for that metric, and yet still rank at the top: Acton’s per pupil expenditure is in the bottom quarter of the state: Both Acton and Lexington have nearly a quarter foreign born residents. There are plenty of towns that would seem to be in the same demographic category as these two which do not produce particularly outstanding outcomes in high school (Milton, Newton North, Cohasset, etc.). While it is certainly true that some high schools will likely remain low on this list for demographic reasons, in every demographic range some high schools do more to help students than others. Please understand that wealth alone does not guarantee academic excellence, and the districts at the very top of the list deliver an exceptional value-added education to the students they serve.

          • TobyK

            If a town of city has a very high per pupil expenditure, which means there is more money spent on teachers, students and more of a financial advantage based on revenue, then that should be reflected in higher SAT scores. Those students in towns that spend more money should be performing better. If not, then something is amiss. I think dollar per SAT point is a strong indicator.

    • TobyK

      You must come from one of the towns that overspends on teachers salaries but can no longer deliver, like WESTON. Most people I’ve spoken to find this to be a good indicator of educational and academic quality–it levels the playing field.

  • sportstruth

    The “Methodology” is seriously flawed. Boston Latin School (#16) ranks higher than most of the schools above it, in every category except
    student/teacher ratio and class size. If Boston Latin students excel DESPITE larger class size and poorer student/teacher ratios, then why should the school’s rating suffer?? Ridiculous!

  • Chicca

    There are missing a lot of towns. What about Chelmsford?

  • gena4758

    I am sure there is some logical reason why Burlington is not on the list?

    • skibum2

      Because at #67, they didn’t make the top 50.

      • gena4758

        So they fixed it. Because the original list did not show Burlington at all. And the list I saw had 171 schools.

  • diane

    neither is shawsheen tech

  • Irving Glale

    Where is Southborough?

  • noonze

    I understand the ‘outside 495’ criteria (sort of), but Westborough (which used to be included and was always ranked within the top 15) USED to be included, and now isn’t…yet Hopkinton and Holliston are. I’ll remind myself how flawed this list is before I’m tempted to buy the magazine in the future…

  • Johnny Panic

    Well, the private school listing has been taken down on account of some very sloppy reporting. How does that reflect on the accuracy of this list or the credibility of Boston Magazine to rank schools at all?

  • Jennifer

    I noticed several outside 495 this seems way too far out to be considered “boston area”

  • Mounir J

    “…to produce proprietary rankings of both public and private high schools in Greater Boston.”

    I don’t see any private schools on the list; is there a separate chart for private schools?