Boston’s Best Schools 2012: Top 50 Ranking of High Schools in Boston and Boston Suburbs

Our exclusive ranking of Boston's top 50 best high schools.

We want the best for our kids, and picking the right school is a vital part of that process. But with so many factors to consider (graduation rates, student-teacher ratios, number of extracurriculars, and so on), finding the best school takes time, research, and expert analysis—which is exactly what we did in our Boston’s Best School coverage.

Below is our proprietary ranking of Boston’s 50 Best Schools 2012, based on data collected in 15 different categories. Don’t see your child’s school on the list? Sort through our chart of more than 200 schools in Boston and Boston suburbs by category, including MCAS, AP, and SAT scores; per pupil expenditures by district; number of AP classes, sports, and clubs; and more.

More of our in-depth schools coverage can be found online and in print in our annual Boston’s Best Schools 2012 issue.

* AP proficiency is defined by scoring 3-5 on AP exams.


Our rankings were computed by statistician George Recck, director of the Math Resources Center at Babson College. We gathered the most recent available data on area school districts by consulting school officials and websites, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. With this information, Recck calculated the mean scores for each category, then ranked the districts based on a weighted average of each school data point's difference from the mean. Only schools serving cities and towns within the Greater Boston I-495 boundary were included.

Research by Rachel Amico, Alyssa DeGeorge, Diane DeSantis, Michael Fubini, Robert Johnson, Hannah Lott-Schwartz, Amanda Newman, Brent Persun, and Gina Tomaine.

** Due to a reporter error, North Reading High was omitted from our initial rankings.