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BEST Bath Supplies

2011 BEST Bath Supplies
Photograph by Eric Roth

Linens on the Hill


What transforms a bath from washroom to “ahh, spa”? It’s the plush stuff. So forget the dorm-quality superstore towels, or the humdrum catalog toothbrush holders. Offering luxe robes, scented soaps, and the softest of all bath linens made of Egyptian… read more»

2008 BEST Bath Supplies

Billie Brenner


A veritable font of bath-related knowledge, Billie Brenner has been in the high-end fixture business for 40-some years, and today presides over her Design Center showroom with her daughter, Robin. They carry every European line worth floating over the Atlantic,… read more»

2006 BEST Bath Supplies

Boston Design Center


Those cracked tiles aren’t going to fix themselves. But a visit to the Boston Design Center’s 10 bathroom-focused businesses will. Once open only to professionals, the eight-story design mecca now offers 20 designers on call to walk you through showrooms—some… read more»

2005 BEST Bath Supplies



Waterworks’ assortment of beautiful tiles, stylish showerheads, and adorably petite powder-room sinks will inspire you to overhaul every WC in your house. And the luxurious niceties—plush towels and robes, fresh-smelling soaps and lotions from the company’s Clean line, and bath… read more»