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BEST Coffee Shop

2014 BEST Coffee Shop
Photograph by Jesse Burke



For many, “grabbing a cup of coffee” means getting your buzz on fast. Render will encourage you to slow down and enjoy the process: All hot coffees are meticulously prepared using the pour-over method, which takes a few minutes per… read more»

2013 BEST Coffee Shop
1369 Coffee House

1369 Coffee House


For two decades, 1369 has embodied the Platonic ideal of a coffee house: marvelous brews, plentiful dessert and sandwich offerings, and ample seating for the cadre of boho Cantabrigians that seemingly come straight from central casting. Already addicted to the… read more»

2012 BEST Coffee Shop

Pavement Coffeehouse


One of the first places in Boston to offer pour-over and cold-brew coffees, Pavement goes well beyond crafting lattes and cappuccinos (although these are fantastic here, too). From the quality Counter Culture beans and complimentary soy milk at the bar… read more»

2011 BEST Coffee Shop

Thinking Cup


Amid the vibeless businesses catering to tourists around the Common, Thinking Cup reminds us of the downtown that Bostonians deserve: grownup, urbane, and a little sexy. Outfitted with a sweeping marble counter and leather banquettes, this newcomer channels an old-school… read more»

2010 BEST Coffee Shop

Wired Puppy


Less than a year old, Wired Puppy’s Newbury Street café is smartly taking cues from its sister store in Provincetown. Each cup of tea or coffee is certified organic and fair-trade, and the skilled baristas are happy to discuss the… read more»

2009 BEST Coffee Shop

Crema Cafe


By virtue of its excellence-obsessed baristas and premium roasters (Terroir, Barismo), our city is pouring itself a righteous coffee reputation that gives new meaning to the nickname ‘Beantown.’ Coffee nerds adore the top-quality espresso drinks pulled at the tiny Taste… read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Fenway/Symphony

Espresso Royale


Offering the consistency of a chain minus the deadening corporate feel, it strikes the right note with BSO crowds and local music students. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, South Boston

Mul’s Diner


A cup at Mul’s is always bracing, and made even better by the presence of myriad cops, reporters, and pols hanging out at the legendary greasy spoon. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Charlestown

Zumes Coffee House


Opened last year, locally owned Zumes has won over Townies with its upscale tea and coffee drinks and do-lounge-around décor. read more»

2008 BEST Coffee Shop, Neighborhood, Roslindale

Emack & Bolio’s


The local ice cream chain’s flagship serves up plain old joe, plus the requisite mocha-half-caf-foamed-and-dusted folderol we love. read more»