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BEST French Fries

2013 BEST French Fries



First, Idaho russets are aged for at least a month before the peeling, cutting, and rinsing commences. Next comes a low-temperature dunk in the fryolator. Finally, the Belgian-style frites are flash-fried to order in a vegetable-oil blend, salted, and corralled… read more»

2012 BEST French Fries



A truly great fry is only as good as the stuff you dip it in. And while we love Heinz as much as the next guy, It’s hard to top this ;frites shop’s cheddar Duvel sauce, garlicky “Vampire Slayer’ aioli,… read more»

2011 BEST French Fries

The Publick House


Carb addicts, allow us to introduce you to your downfall: Monk’s Frites at the Publick House. A mere $6 gets you a shareable portion of hand-cut fries worth their weight in Yukon gold. These not-too-crispy, not-too-soft pommes are lightly dusted… read more»

2009 BEST French Fries



Yes, you’ll want fries with—or without—that burger (Radius also took home the award for Best of Boston 2009 Burger). With one genius exception (minced fines herbes), chef Michael Schlow imposes none of his fancy French roots on these golden über-tubers…. read more»

2008 BEST French Fries

Franklin Cafe


You used to have to buy a steak to taste these world-class fries. But even now that the Franklin offers them as a side, we’d still pay a premium for the privilege. read more»

2003 BEST French Fries

River Gods


French or freedom, fries are fries. Except at River Gods, a tiny Irish pub, where they’re crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, flaked with parsley, and dipped in aioli—a perfect complement to the other funky food served in… read more»

1984 BEST French Fries

Boardwalk Fries


read more»

1975 BEST French Fries

Charley’s Eating & Drinking Saloon


Large and firm and perfectly fried, these spuds have been elected to Idaho’s French Fry Hall of Fame. read more»

1974 BEST French Fries

Parker House’s Last Hurrah

Huzzah for the fries at Parker House’s Last Hurrah. Hand-cut into big slices and crisp to perfection. read more»