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BEST Farm Stand

2012 BEST Farm Stand, West

Wilson Farm


Since the 19th century, the sprawling barn at Wilson Farm has proffered more than 100 varieties of the grower’s own fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers; fresh-baked breads and pastries; locally made cheeses; and house-made pastas, soups, salads, and more. It’s… read more»

2011 BEST Farm Stand

Siena Farms


If only every produce section at every grocery store were like Siena Farms’ bounty of chemical-free heirloom vegetables, fragrant herbs, and tender greens picked just that morning. Instead, we spend all winter staring glumly at the waterlogged iceberg at our… read more»

2011 BEST Farm Stand, West

Verrill Farm


Okay, so maybe this 200-acre farm’s retail operation isn’t exactly a stand (the owners unveiled a shiny new building in 2009 after a fire leveled the original structure). But that’s what makes it so convenient for food-loving Concordians, who come… read more»

2011 BEST Farm Stand, South



It’s actually two markets in one: On Wednesdays you’ll find goods by the town clock in Hingham Square, while on Saturdays the vendors set up shop at Hingham Bathing Beach. Either way, South Shore denizens stream in for the colorful… read more»

2011 BEST Farm Stand, North

Newburyport Farmers’ Market


Given its northerly location, Newburyport has an edge over other area markets: It’s able to draw in vendors from southern New Hampshire. But it’s the sheer magnitude of the selection—which ranges from standard-issue fruits and veggies to raw honey, locally… read more»

2002 BEST Farm Stand, North

TenderCrop Farm


Let the livestock milling about outside (including buffalo) serve as your first clue: Everything at TenderCrop is fresh off the field and so wholesome, it’s surreal. The 17th-century barn is packed to its rafters with fat tomatoes, sweet-smelling herbs, freckled… read more»

2002 BEST Farm Stand, South

The Farmer’s Market on Cohasset Common


Every Thursday afternoon in the summer, locals from surrounding South Shore towns converge at this piece of green for one purpose: to buy super-fresh produce. The selection—brilliant green herbs, a slew of greens, bright red peppers—is outstanding, as are the… read more»

2002 BEST Farm Stand, West

Verrill Farm


Open year round, Verrill’s is the kind of farm stand where you can find every single ingredient you’d need for a last-minute gourmet party. Which is why visitors often find themselves elbow to elbow with famous Boston chefs choosing the… read more»

2001 BEST Farm Stand, South

The Farmer’s Market on Cohasset Common


Held only once a week (every Thursday afternoon), this farmstand is worth the wait. Some of the South Shore’s freshest produce is found here from early June through mid-October. Local growers trot out terrific stuff, from vine-ripened tomatoes and hefty… read more»

2001 BEST Farm Stand, West

Verrill Farm


There are as many farm stands west of the city as there are historic battle sites. But, sadly, most are just glorified supermarkets. For a real honest-to-goodness country produce market, head to Verrill Farm in Concord, where you can actually… read more»