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BEST Late-Night Dining

2015 BEST Late-Night Dining

Fairsted Kitchen


After 11 p.m., breading and deep-frying tend to compensate for a lack of creativity on most menus. Not so at Fairsted, where themed late-night fare rotates every month. In February it was all things Greek; when we visited in March,… read more»

2014 BEST Late-Night Dining

Tavern Road


Once a certain hour hits, most restaurants make the switch from carefully designed entrées to standard-issue flatbread pizzas. Not so at Tavern Road, where Louis DiBiccari’s late-night menu sparkles with verve and inventiveness, as evidenced by delights like lamb meatballs… read more»

2012 BEST Late-Night Dining



When this newly revamped sushi hot spot introduced a weekend-only, late-night menu, we put it into our regular post-party rotation. With its umami-packed ramen topped with barbecued eel; blistery bonito-topped shishito peppers; soft, unctuous pork-belly buns; and deep-fried hot dogs… read more»

2011 BEST Late-Night Dining

Eastern Standard


Every evening, somewhere around midnight, a magical—if vaguely treacherous—moment occurs in Boston. High up onto the back bar of one of the city’s most beloved restaurants clambers an employee who, teetering precariously, writes the late-night specials onto a gargantuan mirror…. read more»

2010 BEST Late-Night Dining

Franklin Cafe


The ideal late-night eatery has two virtues: a killer scene and rich, indulgent fare that satisfies post-midnight cravings. Come 1 a.m. at Franklin Café, you’ll find a mix of after-work chefs, neighborhood night owls, and late-night revelers that makes the… read more»

2009 BEST Late-Night Dining



Its serendipitous location—just a bulkie roll’s throw from where drunk-grub mecca Buzzy’s Roast Beef once stood—is one reason why Scampo gets our late-night bucks. More important, it’s also steps from fellow Liberty Hotel denizens Clink and Alibi, whose hormone-charged bar… read more»

2008 BEST Late-Night Dining, North

Franklin Cape Ann


Ferreting out a well-made cocktail and inventive cuisine—minus the pretense—can be a tall order anywhere. Find them in a North Shore beach town at 11 p.m., and it’s like striking gold. Discriminating night owls flock to the Franklin Cape Ann,… read more»

2008 BEST Late-Night Dining



Three years after its feverishly hyped opening, the South End’s Stella draws a dinner crowd that’s more Newton-Wellesley than bright-young-thing. After those diners have retreated is when the insider action at this stylish modern Italian restaurant gets under way. Until… read more»

2007 BEST Late-Night Dining

Sel de la Terre


At Sel de la Terre, eating after 10 p.m. doesn’t equal tired hamburgers and stale coffee. The late-night sustenance it offers comes with a gourmet touch: Chicken fingers are served with honey-mustard aioli, Vermont cheddar is melted over brioche, and… read more»

2006 BEST Late-Night Dining

Franklin Cafe


Sure, there’s what seems like an interminable wait for one of the nine tables. But that’s only because all the hipsters who got here before you want to savor every bite of their fashionably late dinners of adobo-rubbed pork and… read more»