Jack Morton Worldwide

Donald Gregorio, Executive Assistant

How has Jack Morton Worldwide changed since its founding in 1939?

The company has traditionally focused a lot on events — we did the Opening and Closing ceremonies at the 2004 Athens Olympics, as well as the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010. As we evolve, we are getting more involved in marketing and are looking at the entire brand experience and how to get people more engaged with brands. We have lots of national clients, but also work with local companies like Reebok, Biogen Idec and Arbella Insurance Group.

What can you tell me about Jack Morton Worldwide's partnership with Citizen Schools?

Citizen Schools is an extended-day learning program for sixth- and seventh-graders in Boston-area public schools. Jack Morton coordinates a multiple-agency apprenticeship program where students work on campaigns for brands like First Night and then pitch their ideas to the client. Every Thursday for 10 weeks, students come into our Back Bay office for group work and really get a sense of what it's like to be part of an office environment.

What do your employees get out of the program?

EVP/Managing Director Steve Mooney has always been passionate about student outreach, and it's contagious. The staff will all be busy with work, but when they hear that elevator door open and see those 10 or 20 students walk in, they drop everything to be with them. They get a rush from it. It's exciting to hear from alumni: I ran into a student from the first year who is now applying to colleges she never thought she'd be qualified for. We've had nothing but great feedback on it.

Favorite part of town

It has to be the South End. In much of the city there's all these large chains like Chili's and Cheesecake Factory, but the South End is nothing like that. The restaurants, the residential neighborhoods, the parks — it feels more culturally vibrant.

Favorite hobby

I studied musical theater and dance in school, and I still do shows at night. Over the past couple of years, I've been doing dance performances for Miracle Providers Northeast, which raises funding for children with HIV/AIDS.

Favorite restaurant in Boston

My ultimate is Petit Robert. I always go for the escargot and the steak frites.

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