Vince Pan

Analogue Studio, Founder

How long has Analogue been around, and what's your niche in Boston's architectural scene?

I founded Analogue Studio in January 2011 with the aim of bringing interdisciplinary design expertise and a focus on client missions to the architecture profession. Our interdisciplinary approach often results in novel solutions. Besides designing innovative buildings and spaces, we've also had the chance to rebrand entire companies and design stage sets, exhibits, trade show booths and software.

What kinds of clients do you work with?

We gravitate toward purpose-driven clients that are innovating in their fields and disrupting the status quo. We work with organizations in Boston and across the country on commercial, academic, retail and performance spaces. Many of our local clients are part of the entrepreneurship scene. We really enjoy working with small startups that are creating their own identities and expanding their businesses.

How are you involved with the local community?

We've specifically structured our business model to support work with nonprofits such as MassChallenge, the Boston Society of Architects, the Furniture Trust and the Electronic Music Foundation. We are also developing an iPad app to teach sustainable design to high school students. I'm really excited about it — teaching design injects some much-needed creativity into the curriculum.

Favorite Boston neighborhood

Central Square. I've basically lived within a one-mile radius of the square for eight years. The whole Central-Inman-Kendall area is really dynamic, with a lot of great restaurants and bars, fun people and interesting events.

Favorite place to visit outside of Boston

My wife and I lived in New York City for a while and still spend a lot of time there. I'm probably in the city every few weeks, meeting with clients and visiting friends and family.

Favorite restaurant in Boston

My standby is the burger at Craigie On Main. It's simply a phenomenal experience.

For more information about Vince Pan and Analogue Studio, please visit http://www.analoguestudio.com/