Brittany Bang

Audrey’s Pet Supplies, Founder

How'd you decide that you wanted to open your own pet store on Newbury Street?

I had no experience in the industry before, but I've been a pet lover my whole life. I've always thought that Boston was missing an actual neighborhood retail store that offered comprehensive pet-care products. Boutiques can be expensive and exclusionary — the idea with Audrey's was to be an everyday pet-supply store. My husband and I opened it up in June 2010 and have been able to expand our inventory and grow to a staff of seven.

What sorts of community efforts have you taken on through Audrey's?

Last fall we teamed up with AdopTee's for Project: BART, a T-shirt line that pays tribute to the role of military working dogs. Fifty percent of net proceeds were donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation to aid families of fallen soldiers. We're in the process of making it an official 401c3 charity. That project is probably the thing I'm most proud of, outside of having my own son!

You wouldn't always think of a pet shop as being philanthropic. Why is it important for you to devote time and effort to these "pet" projects?

Supporting rescue work and animal-related charities has always been a natural fit for me. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I live in an area that is so accepting of me as a female entrepreneur, and I've always said that if you expect local communities to support your business, then you have a duty to support the individuals in your community, as well.

Favorite neighborhood

Between shopping at the Pru and going to restaurants on Newbury Street, I'm a Back Bay girl through and through. For dinner, I love the Atlantic Fish Company. For lunch, it's definitely Stephanie's on Newbury — I try to sneak out and have a few "business meetings" there whenever I can.

Favorite place to visit outside of Boston

It might make me a huge dork, but I love Salem in the fall. We have a 9-month-old son, so I'm excited to dress him up for Halloween and go over for a day trip in October, before the really scary stuff rolls into town.

Favorite hobby

I am a die-hard Red Sox fan and, during the summer, can often be found at Fenway. But if the pet industry ended up not working out for me, I think I would be a chef.

For more information about Brittany Bang and Audrey's Pet Supplies, please visit http://audreysboston.com/