Kitchens 2013: The Complete Guide

So long, all-white kitchens—designers are beginning to explore alternatives. Here, take a tour of three remarkable kitchens, find expert advice on stocking your space, and much more.


A Colorful Past

Coincidences abound when a designer begins renovating her stately Brookline manse.

House of Curiosities

Two ex-urbanites bring their eclectic sense of style to a 19th-century Greek Revival in Newburyport.


Take Away

An interview with star restaurant designer Stephen Sousa.

Also In This Issue

Found Art: Into the Wild

Check out ‘Flow’ by artist Debra Fleury.

Editors' Picks: Warp Report

When accessorizing your home this autumn, nothing beats a good weave.

Roll the Dice

Beautifully crafted games turn a quiet evening at home into a night to remember.


Where to go and what to read for your fall design fix.

Kidding Around

These days, design for little ones is anything but child’s play.

A Perfect Ten: Raise a Glass

Toast the town this fall with sparkling stemware.

Weekender: Amsterdam

Autumn is a fine time to take in this design city’s restaurant-lined canals, boutique hotels, and world-renowned art galleries.

Home Economics: Yes You Can

Robin Cohen of Doves and Figs gives us a step-by-step guide to creating apple-cranberry preserves that can be enjoyed all year long.

Covet: Final Cut

There’s nothing like a knife that fits well in the hand.