Paradise Found

With the help of Cambridge-based architect Maryann Thompson, a Boston couple transforms an old New England saltbox into a dream home.

Let There Be Space

With the addition of bright accents and cabinets galore, this 19th-century Beacon Hill townhouse becomes the perfect place for a modern family.

Spring Fling

Chef Michael Scelfo shares his secrets for the ultimate al fresco dinner party. Check out six recipes—from crostini to cocktails.


Going Dutch

From Amsterdam’s free-thinking ways to sunsets on Martha’s Vineyard, here’s what drives architect Tamara Roy.

massart president dawn barrett

Q&A: Dawn Barrett

Most recognize Dawn Barrett as MassArt’s new president. Very few know that she owns two Alessi watches and would be an 18th-century highboy if reincarnated as a piece of furniture.

Mixed Media

Portobello Road co-owner Kristina Lyons’s ­Brookline closet, much like her home, is a scrapbook of the places she’s been.

tips designing efficient space

Made to Measure

Interior designer Stephanie Sabbe reveals six tips for creating an artfully designed, efficient space on a budget.

Also In This Issue

linda behar embroidery

Well Thread

Check out Linda Behar’s embroidered masterpiece, inspired by an image of a vibrant peony.

floral accessories spring

The Big Bloom

Spring’s stunning floral accessories bring cheer throughout the year.

home design events boston

Home Design Happenings

Where to go and what to read for your spring design fix.

English Accents

Kristin Paton Home brings Notting Hill to Cambridge.

spring flower vases

Flower Power

Show off spring’s prettiest petals in one of these delightful vessels, this month’s perfect 10.

homegrown tomatoes

Get Fresh

Follow these simple steps now, courtesy of Mahoney’s Garden Center manager Mark Cutler, for juicy homegrown tomatoes come August.

stylish gardening tools

Dig It

Get your garden started in style with these stylish gardening tools.

Piano wire is wrapped around a hitch pin—the other end of the wire will be threaded through the tuning pin and tightened to pitch

The Piano Lesson

Haverhill’s Mason & Hamlin creates some of the most coveted instruments in the world.

Global Reach

An art conservator David Colombo maps worlds real and imagined.