Power: The 25 Most Influential People in Boston Philanthropy

Nonprofits and the philanthropists behind them feed the hungry, educate children, take care of the sick, and sponsor the arts and culture community. But philanthropy is also about power—the money, influence, and ideas that make things happen. And no one has more of it than the leaders listed here, the 25 most powerful people in Boston philanthropy.


Trouble in Paradise

For a quarter-century, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs ruled the clubby equestrian scene in Wellington, Florida. Then a brash Boston entrepreneur named Mark Bellissimo appeared on the scene. Now the two men have declared war on each other—and the fate of the town hangs in the balance.

Present at the Creation

From the self-help gurus to the hottest new books, it’s the buzziest concept out there: take a few simple steps and you’ll become more creative in no time, leading you to the success you’ve always desired. How much of it is true? We asked a Harvard expert to find out.

Naked Joe

One hundred years ago, Joe Knowles stripped down to his jockstrap, said goodbye to civilization, and marched off into the woods to prove his survival skills. He returned home to a hero’s welcome. That’s when things got interesting.


Root, Root, Root Against the Home Team

The Boston Red Sox are neither good enough to win now, nor bad enough to win in the future. There is only one way for the Red Sox to get better…and that’s to lose.



The New York Times Company has put the Boston Globe up for sale. What does that mean for the newspaper’s future—and the city of Boston’s?


City Smarts

How Boston is planning to use online education to turn its neighborhoods into mini campuses.

red sox


Which Red Sox players on Twitter are worth a follow? Here are our picks.

Free for All

Learn about the November Project, a social exercise movement in Boston that is becoming a major fitness trend.


The Goods

This month, we’re into brown-rice miso, date-and-red-chili chutney, and Lucky Dog Vodka.

Cookbooks Out Right Now

Looking to spruce up your recipe collection? Have a look at these two new books, which feature standout dishes from local chefs.

Second Course

As Strip-T’s Chef Tim Maslow preps his second restaurant, Ribelle, Maslow talks us through the tools and ingredients he relies on to execute the vision at both of his eateries.

Fashion & Style

Observatory Hill

Nestled between Huron and Concord avenues in Cambridge, Observatory Hill is a shopping and dining destination giving Harvard Square a run for its money.

Spring Awakening

Ready to shed your winter skin? These soothing, hydrating natural ingredients—all found in local products and spa treatments—will have you glowing from head to toe in no time.


Fine and Dandy

Later this month, RISD’s Artist/Rebel/Dandy exhibit will celebration the long tradition of men dressing well.

Make a Splash

This silk-blend dress is our favorite piece in London-based street-style line Ostwald Helgason.


cacao nibs

Eat Like the Red Sox

Fried chicken and beer are so 2011. Team nutritionist Tara Mardigan offers these items to players during the season.

hoarding disorder

Preventing Hoarding in Young Adults

Boston researchers are studying hoarding disorder, looking for ways to prevent the disease and treat young adults before hoarding behaviors become a habit.

Arts & Entertainment

'Beowulf' Revamped

Starting this month, the A.R.T. puts a modern musical twist on a medieval epic, including a singing Beowulf and a sloppy, beer-drinking Grendel.

hidden heroes mit museum

Seven Must-See Events in April

Matthew Reed Baker’s guide to this month’s events, including Muse at the TD Garden, the MLB documentary ‘Knuckleball!,’ and more.