The Sex Machine

How did Jon Gross, a middle-aged New England plumbing-supplies salesman, become America’s king of swingers?

Out of Service

Will we ever fix the T? Two ex-governors, a mayor, the MBTA’s chief, and the secretary of transportation tell us why we’re getting exactly nowhere.


Fat Chance

If one Boston doctor is right, everything we thought we knew about obesity—and diet—has been wrong for decades. But it’s not too late to change our eating habits.



Barista Royale

Under the cover of night, after your favorite coffee shops close, local baristas are converging in Fight Club–esque battles to determine which latte artists reign supreme.

Vermouth Takes the Spotlight

Formerly a bit player, vermouth is having a moment thanks to its low-alcohol drinkability and a renewed interest in apéritifs.

Bowled Over

Here’s how Boston chefs are turning their love of ramen, udon, and even Indonesian soto into the ultimate seasonal pick-me-up.

Dining Out: Shepard in Cambridge

Rene Becker and Susan Regis have turned their pedigreed techniques and homey sensibilities into a restrained wood-fired menu with timeless appeal.

Fashion & Style

Raise Eyebrows

There’s never been a better time to maximize your outlook with oversize frames.

Home & Property

Branching Out

Let this cheerful spray of branches fill the void in your fireplace.


Paging Doctor iPhone

Apps and social media may be the most important new additions in a health researcher’s tool kit.

Arts & Entertainment