Summer in the City

The insider’s playbook to summering in Boston like a pro. From the hottest rooftop pools to the best festivals, here are 75+ ways to take the heat in style.


Cleaning House

New Mayor Marty Walsh has launched a quiet war to fumigate Boston’s most powerful agency—and, in essence, the entire culture of City Hall. As he digs up dirt on city departments, he’s doing more than just taking on a couple of rogue agencies—he’s also taking a blowtorch to the legacy of Tom Menino.

Selling God

Once the church of intellectual rock stars and progressive New Englanders, Unitarian Universalism has struggled in recent times to convince people they need it. So the church did what any modern business would: It hired an ad team.


The New College Try

With the recent announcement that Boston University’s student newspaper is ditching dead trees for digital, the city’s college publications have reached a turning point. The big question is, why has Boston’s student media been stuck in the past?

Into the Fire

One veteran Boston firefighter said the blaze that claimed the lives of two brave men was the worst he’d seen in 30 years. But will investigators bring charges?


Half-Baked Dunkin'

The late William Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin’ Donuts, would have turned 98 this June. While we have a lot to thank him for, there are a few inventions we could have done without.

Hells Hipsters

This month, the city’s top moped gang is gearing up for its big ride.

Hub Hopping

Logan International Airport will introduce its fifth international flight route in the past two years. Here’s skinny on the city’s newest windows to the world.

Walden; Or, Selfies in the Woods

In an attempt to bridge the two centuries and disparate endeavors, we posed philosophical questions from the classic tome to Walden-based Instagramers.

Linked-In Learning

Harvard’s new online classroom will combine the interactivity of a live seminar with the flexibility of online learning.


Bugging Out

When prepared by skilled chefs, entomophagy can bring exciting new flavors to the table.

Cool Beans

Here are seven seriously chilled-out concoctions we’ll be sipping all summer long.

The Return of the Deli?

We may be ready for the return of the deli, but getting one up and running isn’t as easy as meeting demand.

Dining Out: Bondir Concord

The Concord outpost of Bondir may not have the charm of the Cambridge original, but there are still plenty of reasons to make the trip.

Fashion & Style

Neighborhood Watch: Marblehead

Just 17 miles north of Boston (by car or express bus from Downtown Crossing), Marblehead offers day-trippers a bevy of inventive boutiques to bookend their fun in the sun.

Turn the Tables

Ready to reclaim your place at the table? Feast your eyes on these ultra-chic pieces.

Deep Dive

Made to survive at least 200 meters down, these waterproof watches can easily handle the pressure of the workaday world.

Pleated Perfection

Marco de Vincenzo’s reversible A-line dress is this year’s instant summer classic.

Shore Things

When it comes to summer weekends away, it’s all in the (supremely durable and utterly timeless) bag.


Get On Board

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the country’s fastest-growing summer sports—and with water all around, Boston offers multiple ways to hit the deck.

Arts & Entertainment