The Power of Ideas

Meet the city’s new power class: visionaries, idealists, and thinkers among us whose insights are transforming the way we live, work, learn, and play—not only here in Boston, but around the world.


Boston's Next Tech Gold Mine

The region’s newest multibillion-dollar industry is massive and invisible. It is a tech revolution that is silently and stealthily connecting companies to us in ever-more-cunning ways. And it may be the one enterprise that locks in Boston’s hegemony over tech for years to come.

Class Warfare

The army of part-time professors teaching at the region’s colleges are merely working stiffs at the bottom of an enormous and lucrative enterprise.

Boston After Dark

We asked the husband-and-wife duo, Formento & Formento, to imagine what some of Boston’s most famous denizens would do in the dark, now that the trains are running late. They came back with a love letter to Boston nightlife.


Damn the Press, But Keep It Free

In the United States, editorial decisions are supposed to be made in the newsroom, not in the courtroom. That’s why the First Amendment is there—and it should protect good journalism as well as bad. But three recent libel cases in Massachusetts are chipping away at that notion.

Thomas Hodgson

Big House, Big Mouth

Ever since Aaron Hernandez arrived at his jail, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has been enjoying the spotlight. But is the lawman’s recent celebrity helping his inmates, his taxpayers, or himself?


Mother of Matt Damon

Mothers Know Best

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked notable Bostonians and their moms to share the best piece of wisdom they ever received or gave.

The Ultimate Grad Speech

Get your annual dose of canned wisdom right here, with our single, decisive, and completely inconsistent graduation mash-up.


Charred for Life

Chef Daniel Bojorquez knows a thing or two about harnessing the magic of the open flame.

Bantam Cider

Cider Rules

See how Bantam is taking apple-based brews to the next level.

Fashion & Style

Precious Metals

Bring the luster of the runway to your wardrobe with this season’s most luminous finds.

Toys from Magpie Kids.

Outside the (Toy) Box

At Magpie Kids, you’ll find retro toys that require imagination, and (refreshingly) not batteries.

The sculptures in the courtyard and other outdoor areas come with the home.

Modern Marvel

This midcentury home in Lincoln, Mass. has west coast flair paired with sunny space.



Welcome, Mat

Homegrown yoga equipment designed to improve your dogs—both up and down.

Arts & Entertainment

Here's Johnny!

As Johnny Depp gears up to play Whitey Bulger in Black Mass in town this month, we have plenty of advice on how to recreate his glam lifestyle here in the Hub.

Q&A: Eugene Mirman

The former Lexington resident is bringing the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival back to Boston this May.