A Mayor in Full

It once seemed like Tom Menino would be mayor for life. But earlier this year, after two decades running the city, he surprised everyone by announcing he wouldn’t seek another term. When he steps down in January, he’ll leave a monumental legacy. This month, we explore the mayor’s time in office, from his stalwart support of LGBT rights to the developers who struck it rich on the waterfront. There isn’t one single story of Menino’s Boston, there are hundreds—each bearing his unmistakable thumbprint.


Turning Point

As the Boston Ballet begins its 50th-anniversary season, the brilliant, controversial artistic director Mikko Nissinen has made the once-forlorn company the envy of the dance world. He’s also infuriated his critics, his funders, and many of his own dancers. So what’s next for one of the most creative—and confounding—minds in ballet?

Sex and the Single Monk

In 2011, a community of Buddhist monks in Lowell announced plans to build a large, grand temple. The structure would signal that the city’s Cambodian Americans had at last entered the mainstream. Then came accusations of financial impropriety and political backstabbing. And then came a secretly recorded video of a monk having sex.

Life Among Friends

Emmy-winning TV executive Kevin Bright (Friends, anyone?) shares his view from the top of the Hub in his penthouse unit of the Residences at W Boston. In May, the Emerson alumnus was designated the senior executive director and founding director of Emerson College’s new Los Angeles Center.


The Dogs Must Be Crazy

Can animals get OCD? A leading Massachusetts veterinarian says yes—and his work might hold the key to understanding human obsessive-compulsive disorders as well.

America’s Most Wanted?

In the aftermath of the marathon bombings, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis became a national media celebrity. Some reports even had him being considered for secretary of homeland security. Where did these rumors come from, and what do they tell us about Davis himself?


Q&A: Stephanie Cutter

CNN’s Crossfire is back! And as one of four hosts, Raynham native and Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter says she wants to go beyond the talking points.


Powder Play

Learn why chefs use tapioca maltodextrin to add flavor and texture to dishes.

Let's Do...Launch?

Why some of the city’s most exciting dining options are still in extended beta mode.

Fashion & Style

Dapper in Drab

The season’s military-inspired camo look takes menswear (and accessories) beyond the rank and file.

Home & Property


Arts & Entertainment

Second Acts

Three local authors are hoping their sequels do as well as the originals.