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Originally an upholstery company based in Brighton, third-generation Furnature has become the go-to chair, love-seat, and sofa manufacturer for people with chemical sensitivities. Building on those items, the company’s exclusive, made-to-order organic mattresses come in natural rubber or with an inner spring featuring a quilted, wool-wrapped core.

Furnature | 86 Coolidge Ave., Watertown, MA | 617-926-2888

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  • Randy

    Replace the mattress or box spring only. A lot of mattress retailers lead consumers to believe that you have to buy a full bed set. That is not true. If your mattress is in good shape but you find there is little core support, then you may only need to replace the box spring. If the mattress itself is sagging badly, then you could replace just the mattress portion. Either way, replacing just part of your bed set can reduce the overall expenses of having a mattress you can be happy with.

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