Bike Tours of Cambridge

Novice bikers tend to get intimidated by drivers around here — and for good reason. But the gratis Bike Tours of Cambridge — led by the Cambridge Bicycle Committee and escorted by police — will put worried minds at ease. And where else but the People’s Republic would you find themed treks covering everything from string theory to public art?

Bike Tours of Cambridge | http://www.cambridgebikes.org

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    We’re flattered and excited to get recognition as the Best of Boston. Even better to get it in the “Oddball” category. But the URL on your website says “www.cOmbridgebikes.org” (emphasis added.) Can you please correct the spelling and link to www. cAmbridgebikes.org”? Thank you very much.

  • http://www.cambridgebikes.org Cambridge Bikes

    Clicking the bold name above will link properly.

  • http://www.cambridgebikes.org Cambridge Bikes

    Thank you, your link to our website is now working properly. Please feel free to delete the posts (including this one) referring to the problem – John Goodman