Beyond Boston

Brunch, West
The Biltmore

With its shabby-chic dining room (mismatched old chairs, vintage ephemera), the Biltmore makes weekend mornings feel like brunch at Grandma’s. An indulgent grandma, that is. Yours probably didn’t serve Cap’n Crunch-coated French toast drizzled with warm vanilla icing, or whole-wheat flatbread topped with fresh mozzarella, local tomatoes, basil, pancetta, and sunny-side-up eggs. The sausage-infused biscuit “fritters” with house-made apple-butter dipping sauce, meanwhile, are hearty enough to inspire a post-meal nap.

The Biltmore | 1205 Chestnut St., Newton, MA | 617-527-2550 | http://thebiltmoregrill.com

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