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Chef, General Excellence
Jamie Bissonnette (Coppa)

He’s pushed diners’ expectations at kitchens across the city, from Tremont 647 and Clio to Pigalle and Toro. Then, at Coppa, Bissonnette got us all comfy—nay, obsessed—with eating as many pigs, and as many parts of them, as possible. There’s just something instinctive about the way he cooks from the gut and with the intelligent fire of a food brainiac. His inspired pairings (sea urchin panino with green tomato) are outshone only by his hands-on approach to making sure every last dish that leaves Coppa’s kitchen is as beautiful as it is delicious.

Jamie Bissonnette (Coppa) | 253 Shawmut Ave., Boston, MA | 617-391-0902

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