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L.A. Burdick

Between British import Hotel Chocolat hitting Newbury and New York’s Max Brenner setting up shop on Boylston, the city’s chocoholics are on a high. But for all the appeal of the newcomers, we’re still addicted to humble little Burdick. The New Hampshire-based company combines Swiss, French, and Venezuelan chocolate with local honey and milk for truffles with worldly flavor and hometown charm. Whether you favor ganache with cinnamon, the honey-caramel truffle, or the chocolate-cognac-saffron pavé, Burdick’s charming Harvard Square café is the perfect setting to indulge.

L.A. Burdick | 52 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA | 617-491-4340 | http://www.burdickchocolate.com/

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